iPad 5 Renderings – Too Soon?

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iPad 5 Render

Shown above is what a thinner, more iPad mini-like iPad 5 might look like, based on the latest rumors on the iPad 5th gen.

The render was created by Martin Hajek, who created a set of iPad mini renders that proved to be not far off at all when the iPad mini was unveiled.

I know it seems awfully early to be talking about an iPad 5 when the iPad 4th gen was only released less than two months ago – but I’ve seen a good amount of speculation that Apple may be moving towards a 6-month refresh cycle for the iPad, so it’s not too crazy to think we might see a new iPad or iPads come March / April time next year.

I certainly hope and expect that whenever the iPad 5 is released it will follow the iPad mini in being thinner and lighter.I have also grown to like the slate back of the iPad mini a lot, so I wouldn’t object to that being adopted in a 5th gen iPad either.

What do you all think and what are your expectations for the iPad 5?

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