My Very Short New iPad Wish List

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iPad mini 2

Well, tomorrow is the big day – the day when Apple is going to announce new iPads. After almost a full year of new new iPad release tomorrow’s special event is expected to include the unveiling of a new iPad 5 and a new iPad mini 2, or whatever names Apple decides to give them.

Once again this year the Apple Rumor Mill appears to have taken a lot of suspense out of these announcements and uncovered major details on how both the big and small models will change in their next generation.

The consensus on the iPad 5 is that it will be ‘minified’, as Apple Insider reports via The Wall Street Journal:

As for the full-size iPad, the WSJ reiterated claims from an August report that said the fifth-gen tablet will employ GF2 thin-film screen technology to make the device slimmer and lighter than its predecessors. The larger iPad is also said to feature a redesign with thinner bezels and rounded corners, bringing it more in line with the current iPad mini.

As far as the iPad mini 2, there’s been a whole lot of back and forth as to whether Apple could manage to upgrade it to a Retina display this year – but all the latest reports (again including the WSJ) now indicate this will happen.

So of course I’ve got my own little wish list for the new iPads we’ll be introduced to tomorrow – but it is a very short one this year.

Here it is:

iPad 5: I’m fine with the minified approach. Lighter and slimmer with reduced bezels sounds spot on to me.

iPad mini 2: Retina display. Enough said. Since 3 days into owning the iPad mini I’ve said adding a Retina display to its wonderful form factor would lead to a near perfect device.

The rumor mill says both iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 should have some version of Apple’s new A7 processor with 64-bit support. This should have even more impact for the iPad (and iPad mini) than for the iPhone

Needless to say, all of the above has been and remains on my wish list for the new iPads.

What Else?

Gold / Champagne models: Meh, I’ve said before I don’t care for this style and don’t care if it comes to the iPad.

Touch ID: It would be nice to see the biometric authentication that has been added to the iPhone come to the iPad – but it’s not at the top of my list.

More RAM: This is the item that is at the top of my list, given what’s already expected. The iPad and iPad mini currently trail far behind a number of other tablets on RAM specs. With real multitasking in iOS 7 this has become an even more important spec than it always is. I would love to see the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 have at least 2GB of RAM. 3GB would be much nicer.

Keep Slate as an Option: I quite like the Space Gray that is an option for this year’s iPhones, but I hope Apple will keep the iPad mini’s slate design as an option too.

That’s about it for my very short wish list for new 2013 iPads. What’s your new iPad wish list like? Let us know in the comments.

iPad mini 2 Render image via Martin Hajek

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3 thoughts on “My Very Short New iPad Wish List”

  1. I’m really wanting an iPad mini, but am just a slight bit concerned about the retina display. I upgraded from the iPad 2 to the iPad 3. I loved the retina display, but the extra heft and thickness were noticeable. Of course, that was improved in the next model.

    What I love about the iPad mini is every time I go to a store and look at it, it is so light. I’m hoping the retina won’t affect this too much.

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