A Tale of Two Styluses

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I swear I didn’t wake up this morning thinking that today should be all about styluses – but the early portion of the day has turned out a little that way. I got two promo emails this morning, one right after the other in fact. Both about styluses. One a product that’s ready to ship soon, one a Kickstarter project looking for support.

And both quite interesting in their own way. The first one is The Architect Stylus, shown above. This one is all about the powerful combination of style and function. 

Clean lines. Simple geometry. Minimalist approach. Sharp contrast. Comfortable. Practical. Smooth. Silent. All the goodness in one iconic design. Make the Architect stylus your companion today.

There’s even a promo video for The Architect that takes this architect above even George Costanza levels – and seems to guarantee that all the hot ladies will want to be with me if I show this stylus off with the right jacket.

There’s an optional (and again quite stylish looking) case for The Architect, and the stylus is said to start shipping middle of this month – priced at $22.95 as an ‘early bird price’. Check it out at its product page here:



The second stylus-related email I got turned out to be even more interesting. This one is a Kickstarter project for the Styló stylus. Here’s a little of its Kickstarter intro:

The Styló stylus attaches to the screen of the iPad 2 with two rare earth magnets, it’ll even work with the Smart Cover. No pen clip and a streamlined design that’s comfortable and practical. It’s always with your tablet. There at your convenience.

Double Tip Design

We thought about how you interact with a tablet. It’s quick and intuitive and there’s no right or wrong way. That’s why you can just pick up the Styló stylus and interact, it’s as natural as using your finger. Don’t think, just draw.


I honestly have no idea how practical (or not) the magnets are – but I think it’s a superb idea if it works, the perfect way to never worry about where or how to carry a stylus. I also quite like the double-tipped concept. Both of these strike me as very Apple-like, in a universe where Apple didn’t hate styluses.

I’d love to see the Styló get its Kickstarter funding and I made a small pledge this morning. You can check out all the details on it, and help to back it yourself at its Kickstarter page here:


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22 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Styluses”

  1. We are now shipping a magnetic stylus called Maglus that we have been developing since the iPad 2 was released. We had looked for funding on a website similar to kickstarter here in Ireland back in April but were not successful on such a small site. Have a look for the Maglus to check it out.

    1. A magnetic cling is till some extent useful feature,but we want first of all a stylus tip resembling accuracy and precision of a pencil or a pen!Jot more or less satisfies this !And Estylo is the best in precision and accuracy!Your stylus tip design is more or less similar to that of pogo and grifin styluses!Hence it is obvious that more artists and writers prefer Adonit Jot or Estylo.So it’s obvious that your stylus couldnt have succeded for a large market!We don’t want simply a attractive and superficial sophisticated looking stylus!we want practicality and a working stylus first of all!Sorry if you felt bad but this is what we customers want!You need to do lot of Research and development work for making a great workable styluses like Adonit Jot or Estylo .Best of luck!I think there is lot of oppurtunity in stylus market for capacitive screen devices like iPad and I wish you might design a new precision stylus in future!

  2. I may join you with a Stylo pledge. That is definitely an interesting and creative concept. I also tend to hate the tips of capacitive styli, so getting a little variety seems like a nice touch.

  3. E.Stylo is the most accurate stylus in the world although being a capacitive one.But u need to use to the holding angles and once u get use to it,its very easy.It also works with gloves on so that u can finally rest your hand comfortably on screen without  unnecesary irritating inputs on the screen and it’s ideal for sketching.Its better than Dagi,Adonit Jot-Pro,OStylus,etc because the discs of those styluses while touching the screen gives unnecesary lines or points on the screen near the aim or centre point,most of the time.Also while drawing vertical or horizontal lines u get the buttery smoothness of the capacitive screens with best accuracy possible on a screen.Also till now,By-Zero’s aPen and other styluses for which By-Zero licenses technology or sells aPen with different brand names is also not so good option and not so fast and comfortable. The problem with APen stylus and styluses for which Apen licensed technology is that they only work with Few note taking apps and only with Studio Basic sketch software which lacks important features like copying many photos, Zooming for making fine lines, eye dropper tool, smudge tool, colour blur tool, Dodge tool,lighten or brighten tool,etc.And it does no support other sketch tool.Otherwise if u want an electronic stylus for very light sketching without zooming or other features or if u have no problem using a very limited  compatable  note taking apps ,aPen will work out for u. Also your screen will not accept any other input other than the By-Zero’s aPen once aPen is being switched to on mode until it is switched off.

    1. Stylo is useless for sketching.Its the Estylo from plai that’s the best for sketching.
      Stylo and Estylo are two different styluses.The stylo team simply tried to copy Estylo’s design,tried to make it look more sophisticated and modern but is not able to give the precision of Estylo stylus from plai.The stylo and Architect stylus are useless for sketching.

  4. I am upset with my Jot,the clear Disc with cross metal contact is broken in to two pieces,the tip (ball) seems good for joining thick lines /curves and not for joining or aiming small points when I draw detailed sketch.I think Estylo solves such problems.But my concern is about the durability of tips of Estylo.The ops of Estylo is made of Semisoft plastic.It won’t scratch my screen directly but what if the plastic tip cracks and the wood portion exposed from the plastic tips comes in contact with the screen???

  5. Hi,karena,I also have the same concern over Estylo.Till now,it’s fine but it seems that such wear can occur.Waiting for delivery of newest version.I hope that through more R&D plai will definately make the tip more durable.Also I will like Plai to make Estylo as good for writing or note taking as it is for Sketching,This will mean an allmost 70 percent change in design or a completely new design.The present design is good only for sketching.I have reviewed Estylo on


    Also look out for other options too!This year,much better styluses are expected to come in market especially on Kickstarter.Its worth waiting for few more months (4 or 5 months),but as per today,Estylo is the ultimate cheap priced precision accurate stylus.With Estylo,u are basically using angles to write.
    I don’t understand why plai had to use soft plastic(the material was selected after heavy research).It could have used the flat rubber foam from front tip to back tip as in stylo.The stylo though not good for sketching accurately is built with great quality and chances of wear earlier is less,has premium quality and feel.But unlike Estylo,Stylo lacks functionality when it comes to sketching.

  6. Backers had tired of waiting for deliveries of Estylo but few hours back Plai announced about the delivery!Next week is first batch delivery is what they tell!I understand that they might have faced some unexpected problems like unacceptable orders,problems in new process machinery,etc!BUT they should have informed the backers about these problems early instead of creating Ill fate about their brand from the customer/backer side.
    I understand how difficult is to start and run even a small new factory if good Quality of the product is required.But plai should have informed these unexpected issues they faced to backers earlier.

  7. I recently contacted plai,they told me that they aimed only for around 3,500 Dollars but the response of over 39,000 dollars meant making more Estylo styluses,which they didn’t expected on kickstarter!thats why the delivery is delayed!
    If this was the problem,plai should have delivered Estylo as “first backed,first serve “basis and plai should have clearly mentioned the delivery schedule based on different batches as suggested in one comment to plai.
    Isn’t that more logical?

    Good news is that they are they might start delivering Estylo this or next week!I may believe this since they updated enough photos and info on the progress they made on continious progress of Estylo’s manufacturing and packaging.

    I think they spent lot of time of new packaging simply!

  8. Now they told they will send in batches ,(may be based on comment suggestion)but I guess this batch is big and bulk!They could have started delivering Estylo long back.Although large quantity of orders might not be ready that time but photos updates posted before by plai revealed that quiet a good no. of styluses we’re ready for delivery!

  9. Good news:Aman:Estylo started to be shipped:First batch started shipping last week late!
    Hoping to see more reviews on the newer version of Estylo!

  10. I have not recieved the old version Of Estylo which I had ordered 3 months back!
    This is terrific!I have got few simply promising responses from plai team which never turned up true for my delivery!
    Estylo is really great sketching sylus,most accurate I have ever seen,I have tried my friend’s Estylo stylus for 10 days and decided to order it since I loved it!Its made for artists!I was too polite in cumminicating with plai!And that’s the reason the might have neglected me!
    Although plai has excellent stylus on market,it’s having few delivery issues especially in underdeveloped countries.

    Hey plai,when are you delivering my stylus?
    I know Plai’s stylus issss better than Jot but I have not recieved my order!!!Is anyone from plai listening?

  11. Yes,this is something very problematic.It seems 5 percent of customers who ordered Estylo’s old version have not recieved the Estylo!I got it from one of my friends for few months and I really loved it,I returned it back to my friend because my friend wanted it for his important project!
    I had ordered my estylo stylus in india,bangalore and still not recieved it after 4 months! Estylo is an invention,if I call this : It’s not wrong!Estylo is the first stylus which solves the problem of capacitive styluses related to accuracy;so satisfactory.
    The design of this stylus is unique and very innovative!

    The stylo fails to master Estylo’s design!

    1. Hi everybody,now I recieved all versions of Estylo.This is my letter to Fernando Jiminez:

      Hi Fernando,finally recieved both versions including Foamed tip versions.
      Build Quality is prettly very impressive.
      But it’s needs time to get. Use to the angles.The foamed tip performs well however for accuracy I prefer to use other angles.I will try all versions and will give my feedback as well as help in making proper Tutorial.
      Thanks for sending me.The stylus needs some improvement though,I will help you in that.
      However,build Quality is mind Blowing.Well done for pink tip.
      Well send you images.
      There is a way to use stylus accurately.I will post my reviews and suggestions with all versions.The color though comming out slightly,the stylus is an excellent.Since interested in such innovation,I will analyse and help in making the next version.

  12. Hey,has anyone recieved Estylo 1.1 version?
    The kickstarter is simply blank for many days for new good stylus launches.iPen unluckily faces some serious legal problems from apple to get approvals!No new video reviews from Jaja stylus either!A bit slow but Plai Estylo is the only active stylus AS OF NOW till today on kickstarter from so many days!

  13. Hello here is a video tutorial which I have made for using Estylo’s back tip for precision.

    you have to hold the back tip’s outermost corner quiet flat with la little inclination of tip with screen so that you can see what you are sketching.The speciality of estylo’s back tip is that at a particular angle you can actually see the point/line being drawn rather than blockage if viewed from angle from one side of stylus tip..This is shown at first in video for allmost a second.The video shows how to use estylo precisely in joining points and joining lines.I believe that the oldest version(1.0)’s front tip near wood exposure part was very much precise compared to new curvy design of front tip on 1.1 and plai should have kept it as back tip in new version.Anyway,compared to old tip of 1.1,the new modidied front foamed tip is excellent for rough sketching and rough writing,but paint from front tip comes out a bit unlike that of back tip in the new version 1.1.Please see http://flic.kr/p/bWuwgt

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