Satechi X1 Keyboard and Aluminum Desktop Stand Together

Are You Looking For a Space Gray Keyboard Since Apple Killed Theirs?

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Satechi X1 Keyboard and Aluminum Desktop Stand Together

I saw the news last week that Apple is pulling the plug on its Space Gray computer accessories following the demise of the iMac Pro. Getting rid of the computer makes sense now that the company came out with the Mac Pro in late 2019 and is also in the midst of transitioning to a new processor platform. However, I can’t understand the reasoning behind killing off the popular accessories that came out alongside the iMac Pro.

When I saw this news reported, I couldn’t help but think back to a product I reviewed just over a month ago. Satechi’s Slim X1 Bluetooth Keyboard is almost a dead ringer for Apple’s Magic Keyboard, comes in a finish very similar to Space Gray, and has several features that the better known MK doesn’t.

These features include a backlight, three selectable Bluetooth device pairings, and the ability to also connect the keyboard to a computer or tablet via USB-C when Bluetooth isn’t the best option. Oh, and the X1 retails for $30 less, as well. That’s a pretty compelling set of features.

If you can’t do without the numeric keypad, Satechi has you covered there, as well. In fact, they have two larger wireless keyboard versions. The Compact Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard adds a numeric keypad for $79.99.

Satechi Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

The full-sized Slim X3 Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard has the numeric keypad and additional arrow and separate function keys for $89.99.

Satechi Slim X3 Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

The only thing Satechi is missing now is a Space Gray trackpad. Hopefully if the market for these keyboards picks up in the wake of Apple dumping theirs, Satechi will consider releasing one to go with them. Based on my experience with the Slim X1 Bluetooth Keyboard, I would love to try it out if they do.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Looking For a Space Gray Keyboard Since Apple Killed Theirs?”

  1. I just got the Logitech MX Keys Mac for $99 to replace my failing 10+ year old Apple Magic Keyboard. Love it! It took me a while to adjust to the larger key spacing but it “feels” much more solid and the key travel is perfect.

    1. I do love Logitech’s keyboards. I have had one of theirs since 2013 and it still works perfectly. Looking forward to reviewing their Combo Touch Keyboard case with the new iPad Pro when it arrives.

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