Brydge: MacBook Air Like iPad Keyboard Case – Should Be Arriving Soon

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Back in April I mentioned a great looking iPad keyboard case that makes the iPad look an awful lot like a MacBook Air. It’s called Brydge and I backed it as a Kickstarter project – and that project eventually met and exceeded its funding target, by a long way.

Brydge is exciting to me because it looks great, features a nifty hinge that allows for nearly 180 degrees of position adjustment for the iPad, and offers stereo speakers.

I pledged on the project at the level that gets me the Bryde with the stereo speakers, and I can’t wait to try it out. The good news is I recently got the project survey form requesting my shipping address – which stated it should ship this month.

So hopefully I’ll be sharing some first impressions of the Brydge within a few weeks.

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6 thoughts on “Brydge: MacBook Air Like iPad Keyboard Case – Should Be Arriving Soon”

  1. Is it shipping with an entirely redesigned hinge? Will it still have the 180º position of adjustment?
    Thanks for the update on the Brydge Keyboard.

  2. It’s now 11/7/12 and still no release of this product. Looks like you won’t be able to do that review. There is still no word on a shipping date either. As great as this product looks, the creators are really bad at customer service and just plain ol’ business sense. I backed this project as well, but now I just feel stupid like I’ve been duped.

  3. Email me when you actually get it. I didn’t kickstart it and want to order one when they actually start delivering on a cool promise.

  4. Amen on the bad customer service and no business sense. I ordered this product on December 18th with the promise on their website that the product was actually available for shipment. My credit card was charged $200+ and one month later I still haven’t received a product or any email or other communication with an Order Number or status. I found a comment on a discussion board online that Brydge+ is actually backordered until at least March! Brydge has no phone number for customer service (the phone number linked to the company for credit card statements is an unmanned Google phone number). Someone named “Whitney” responds to the email address and is unhelpful and just says “Your order is being processed,” with no additional details. I’ve read horrible experiences from others online. I have asked for an order cancellation and full refund. If I don’t see it within 24 hours I’ll be calling my credit card company to reverse charges. Ridiculous. At this point, I’m just happy not to be one of the people who received a faulty keyboard only to have to pay a 15% restocking fee to receive a replacement.

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