Candy Stylus – the Ultimate Luxury iPad/iPhone Stylus?

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If you’ve been desperately seeking a luxurious stylus / pen combo for the iPad (or iPhone) that’s very large and more than a little chunky, this might be your baby. It’s the Candy Stylus from Hard Candy case.

Designed with pure elegance and utter sophistication, the new Hard Candy Cases multi-purpose Capacitive Stylus for Apple iPad, iPhone Touch and iPod Touch mobile products is a must-have gift for the holidays. While cases require a keen knowledge of personal preference, the new iPad stylus is an ideal accessory for iPad users during the gift-giving season.  The iPad stylus is now available on the website at
“With the Capacitive iPad stylus on one side, ink pen on the other and a slick chrome look – this iPad stylus is pure luxury,” said Tim Hickman, CEO of Hard Candy Cases. “This gorgeous iPad stylus weighs nearly as much as an iPhone, and is more akin to a Montblanc pen than any of the styli on the market currently.“


  • Lustrous, chrome finished body
  • Compatible with the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch
  • Secondary ink pen function with refillable reservoir
  • Durable, quality construction


I love the ‘weighs nearly as much as an iPhone’ line. That has to be a feature that’s top of most folks’ stylus wish list I guess. Its price tag lives up to its luxurious description as well – it goes for $34.95.

Though I do think this is quite a handsome item, I just don’t need a stylus or an ink pen often enough to carry one this size, or to want to fork out $35 for this sort of accessory. For those of you who do make frequent use of a stylus with your iDevices, it might be an attractive option.

You can get more details and place an order here:

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  1. I personally like my pens to have a little weight to them. Let's me know that I'm not writing with some plastic bic pen.

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