Case-mate’s iPad 2 Esquire Keyboard Case Looks Good

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Here’s an iPad 2 accessory that caught my eye this week – the Esquire Bluetooth Keyboard iPad 2 Case from Case-mate. Here’s a bit of its description from Case-mate:

You’re always in sync with the Esquire Bluetooth® Keyboard iPad 2 case. The leather case connects the iPad 2 to the included keyboard with wireless Bluetooth® technology.
Essentially turning the iPad 2 into an instant laptop, the refined case is ideal for working on-the-go. The Bluetooth® keyboard, which resembles a laptop style keyboard, is seamlessly attached to the case and connects wirelessly to the iPad 2. Recharge with the included USB cord for up to 90 hours of continuous use. The portfolio style case features premium, genuine black pebble leather and a magnetic closure to secure the case shut. The iPad cover includes an ideal viewing angle, perfect for travel or the boardroom.

There are a large number of keyboard cases for the iPad 2 available now, but this one appeals to me for three reasons:

— It’s got a leather case, rather than the hard cover style cases I see on most of these.

— I much prefer a magnetic closure to clasps and similar methods.

— The keyboard is touted as a full,  near laptop-style model.

In fact I liked the sound of this enough to order one, which I did yesterday. So I’ll soon have some thoughts to share on how well this case lives up to the hype.

In the meantime, you can see more information on it or place an order at the Case-mate product page for it:

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One thought on “Case-mate’s iPad 2 Esquire Keyboard Case Looks Good”

  1. Go to Amazon you can get same for just under £30 and with Amazon it is guarranteed. Made by Technet and has good reviews.
    Take a look.

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