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Like most of you I imagine, I love the feel of the iPad ‘naked’ – but I also definitely want to give it some protection when I’m out and about with it, and I’m even thinking I’d like to find a good ‘always on’ case for it if possible.

So far, I’ve found a couple of options I like for cases that get it from A to B, but not one for all the time use. Pictured above are the cases I’ve been trying out so far: The Traveler from case-mate, Apple’s iPad case, the Universal Book Jacket from Incase, and the Grip Protective Cover, also from Incase.

Here are some quick early impressions of these cases after a few days with each of them …

Apple iPad Case

Incredibly flimsy feeling.  Not very nice or secure feeling either.  I can’t see my iPad spending any time in this case.

Incase Protective Grip

The iPad fits into this one easily and it’s nice and grippy when it’s on.  It had potential as an all the time solution – but it’s a huge hair and dust magnet and I have a large, constantly-shedding, dog, so that’s a no-go for now.

The Incase Universal Book Jacket

I think this one is very smart looking. The iPad fits into it very snugly – and it has an elastic strap for extra security. It can double as a stand with three slightly different positions.  It feels compact and comfortable to carry the iPad in – a bit like carrying a textbook around.

The Traveler by Case-mate

Its covers are felt with leather accents, and are surprisingly comfortable to handle and hold. Another booklet style case (like the Universal Book Jacket).  The iPad fits quite snugly in this one as well and there’s a magnetic flap to further secure things. It’s got several pockets on it inside left cover, with room for cards and papers. It also has a nice little loop at the top left for a pen or, in my case, a Pogo stylus. Super comfortable to hold and my favorite so far.

I like both The Traveler and the Universal Book Jacket quite a lot. With both of them, it’s possible to double back the front cover and use the iPad while it’s in the case – with full access to most buttons.  I don’t think either of them would be ideal as an always-on type case – but I’ll keep experimenting with that a little. 

I’m also continuing to look for a grip type case that is less of a hair/dust magnet (probably need to get a harder one than the Incase I tried) and I’ve ordered a screen protector for it as well. 

How are you call doing on cases for your iPads?  Found just the right one yet?  Planning to use a case at all?  Or a screen protector?

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14 thoughts on “Cases – Still Getting My iPad Covered”

  1. I am having a hard time finding a case. I am looking for something different like the Griffin Threadless cases for the iPhone. I guess I am looking for an artist design case. I am currently using the Apple case and it is very boring.

  2. I think I found the perfect iPad case. The great advantage of the so called [i:d]book is, that it has the additional feature of being a real notebook (I still like pen an paper a lot…). Also it really keeps the iPad save from falling down. I broke my iphone a few weeks ago by dropping it on asphalt ;(

    Take a look:

  3. I just found an interesting product called [i:d]book. It provides both: a protection case and a conventional notebook where you can take your notes during a meeting for example. What do you think about that?
    More information at

  4. I like my Apple case… doesn't feel flimsy to me at all.. granted i haven't seen any other case in person to compare it to….. my main issue is that i don't "trust" the iPad propped up vertically, it seems just a breathe away from toppling over…. in "wedge" mode, it makes it much easier to type

  5. I have The Incase Universal Book Jacket . My iPad slides down when using the case in the stand viewing position. I was going to try a thin rubber pad (Old mouse pad top removed.) between the iPad and the inside of the case. But I am not sure if it would damage the back of the iPad.

  6. I have the same problem as Greg726: it slides down when used as a stand, and it is hard to shove back into the proper position. If it is even slightly slid out of position, it is impossible to connect the power cable to it. I'm constantly trying to force it into place.
    Also, lately the lowest (most horizontal) setting for the stand feature no longer keeps the iPad in place— it just slumps back out of position. This is after less than a week of light usage.

    It also is rather bulky, which is probably good in terms of protection, but kind of a bummer in terms of keeping this light and portable.

    1. Thanks to both of you for mentioning this. I am seeing a bit of the same, and thought it might've been just me / my usage of the stand positions. I still like the Universal Book Jacket, but not as a stand.

  7. I got the Incase Book Jacket, because the Apple case was unavailable. After an hour of light use it would no longer support the iPad in the lowest position. I brought it back, because I expected better for $60. But over the weekend an independent dealer came up with an Apple case for me. And it works nicely. My wife got one when she got her iPad. Smart woman.

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