Clear-Coat Carts for iPad Screen Protector Installs – I Want One of These Near Me

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This is the way to get iPad screen protection covered! The video demo above for the Clear-Coat iPad professional installation is very impressive.

I came away from the video wishing there was one of these Clear-Coat carts near me.  They charge $39.95 for the full-body screen protector and $15 for the (very) professional install of it.  As nice as the staff at Best Buy were when installing an invivsibleSHIELD for me recently, their install was nowhere near as slick and professional as the Clear-Coat routine.

Thanks to Larry Greenberg for the cool video.

Hey Clear-Coat – please take a look at Austin when you’re looking at places to expand to. :)

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5 thoughts on “Clear-Coat Carts for iPad Screen Protector Installs – I Want One of These Near Me”

  1. I've met the owner and he is a great guy and has a great product. I can get you his number if you want to find a kiosk near you

    1. I've checked their site for Texas locations and saw nothing in Austin – but sure if you want to shoot us a mail to the address shown on the Contact page and share his number, that'd be cool. Or maybe just ask him if he has plans for Austin.

  2. I had this put on my iPad at the Huntington mall LI NY I went back yesterday because the cover blead into the plastic. Guess what the guarantee must be up because they r no longer there. How do u reach clear coat???

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