Coming Soon: Sena Keyboard Folio Case for iPad with Integrated Keyboard

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Sena Keyboard Folio iPad case

Sena are one of my favorite iPhone and iPad case makers.  Their leather is always high quality and their cases are always very nice to use.  Their upcoming Keyboard Folio case for the iPad looks great – an boasts an integrated Bluetooth keyboard.

Hit the break for a little more detail on this upcoming case and a couple more pics …


Here’s part of the Keyboard Folio description at Sena’s page for it:

The Keyboard Folio is the perfect accessory to add functional fashion to your iPad. This leather portfolio book design is comprised of premium leather providing a soft layer to gently protect your iPad. The integrated Bluetooth keyboard allows you to work and type faster ergonomically. The recessed collapsible back stand is perfect for typing or to watch videos while in case. Offered in classic genuine leather, the Keyboard Folio is perfect for any formal or business setting. The secure flap with snap closure provides a snug fit to your iPad. Its rigid protective layer reinforces additional backbone support for durability. It is individually handcrafted from the finest genuine Napa leather with Sena’s well-known quality and strong attention to detail.


The case shares the same design as the current Sena Folio case for the iPad.

The Folio Keyboard is going to retail for $149.99, but can be pre-ordered for $129.99 – with a current shipping date of early October.

For more details or to place a pre-order, go to Sena’s page for the Keyboard Folio here:

I spotted this one via my friend Dan’s post about it at Gear Diary.

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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Sena Keyboard Folio Case for iPad with Integrated Keyboard”

  1. I've tried various cases and folders for my iPad. So far, Apple's iPad case comes across as the most versatile and well engineered. One real important feature, at least for versatility, is a case/folder's ability to fold fully back on itself. It would seem that this one would not .. and if it did, the keyboard would be face down working as a supporting base. It's worth thinking about apps that are typically used and how they would be used having this case in place.

    It would seem that this will be the perfect case for those who choose to use their iPad strictly in the manner shown in the top picture and who have hands that can work comfortably with a reduced size keyboard.

    1. I really don't enjoy the Apple case much. I have found others that allow me to fold them fully back and allow me to work with them quite easily while in the case – most notably the Marware Eco Flip. I agree that this one will not be usable in that way at all – but it should serve a good purpose on those occasions when you need a BT keyboard. Thinking about it, it's a tad expensive for what might well be just a 'part-time' case for a lot of folks – especially if you already have a BT keyboard that you chuck into your kit bag.

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