Coming Soon: ZAGG Keyboard Cases for iPad mini

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ZAGGkeys mini

ZAGG are amongst the leading makers of iPad keyboard cases. In my experience their keyboards are the best out there when it comes to these combo keyboard cases for the iPad.

It’s good to see that they’ve announced new ZAGGkeys Mini keyboard cases designed specifically for the iPad mini. There are two models – the ZAGGkeys Mini 7 and Mini 9. Here’s the brief introductions for each of them:

ZAGGkeys MINI 7:

Island-style keys in a sleek and unique layout provide maximum finger space in a compact Bluetooth® keyboard, perfect for accentuating the utility and convenience of iPad mini.

ZAGGkeys MINI 9:

Island-style keys with a carefully engineered layout to provide the same spacing as ZAGG’s traditional tablet keyboard. The compact Bluetooth® keyboard is perfect for accentuating the utility and convenience of iPad mini.

So the Mini 9 is a bit larger keyboard with more generous key spacing, which is always a good thing. Both models come with a durable hard case that doubles as a stand and protects both the iPad mini and the keyboard.

Both of these cases go for $89.99 and are listed as coming soon. You can check out full details on them and to submit an email form to be notified when they’re available at the ZAGG product pages for the ZAGGkeys Mini 7 and ZAGGkeys Mini 9.

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  1. I liked the 9″ Zagg but I found the 7″ version a litte too cramped. It was like using an old Texas Instruments device from 2002. My fave is the Kensington Keyboard case

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