Composition Book for iPad mini: Kids’ Favorite Sneaky iPad Case?

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Composition Book Case for iPad mini

I did Career Day presentations at my daughter’s school this morning – where I talked about my job as a blogger / site owner to groups of 3rd to 5th graders. It was a blast – the students had lots of great questions and comments.

The guidelines for being a presenter stressed that props and anything else to get the kids engaged were encouraged. So I took along a handful of favorite iPad mini cases, did a very brief rundown on each one, and passed them around the room. The cases I took in were a Zoogue Case Prodigy, a Portenzo Alano, a Portenzo Composition Book, the Oberon Design Celtic Hounds, and a Moshi VersaCover in use on my iPad mini.

Each case had some supporters – with the Celtic Hounds and Alano getting compliments on their great looks, the Case Prodigy getting praise for its versatility and the VersaCover appealing for its lightness and looking cool.

But the runaway favorite was the Composition Book, and it was unanimously cited for one specific reason: the Sneaky factor. Every student who picked it as their favorite talked about how it would make their parents think they were busy with homework while they were actually enjoying a game.

So there you go Portenzo marketing team – make Sneaky the focus of your promotions!

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  1. Is it really $70? Seems like quite a bit for a miniPad cover. But I agree, it does look very cool.

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