Composition iPad 2 Case – Old-school Composition Notebook Style

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Composition iPad 2 Case

Here’s an iPad 2 case that I really like the look of – the Composition iPad 2 Case from Portenzo. I got an email from Portenzo yesterday about another of their products, but this is the one that immediately caught my eye.

I remember using composition notebooks that looked just like that, and I love the idea of applying that style to an iPad case. Here’s a few more things I like about the Composition iPad 2 Case:

— It’s made with traditional bookbinding materials, and made here in the US.

— It support the iPad 2 automatic sleep/wake feature.

— You can swap out the elastic band and have a magna grip closure instead (for $10 extra)

— You can also add a compartment for a stylus (again for $10 extra)

I ordered one yesterday and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

You can get more information on the Composition case, or place an order (pricing starts at $79.95) on the Portenzo product page for it.

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