CruxSKUNK: Another Great Looking Keyboard Case that Makes the iPad a Bit Like a MacBook Air

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The hits really do just keep on coming on Kickstarter, when it comes to iPad related projects. The CruxSKUNK is the latest great example of this trend. It’s another very sharp looking keyboard case for the iPad that makes the iPad look, and work, a lot like a MacBook Air.

Its Kickstarter project title is CruxSKUNK – Powerful iPad Laptop – and it’s already at over 80% of its funding target with 37 days to go, so it’s just about definitely going to be funded and set for production.

Here’s some of the things that caught my eye and impress me about the CruxSKUNK:

— It’s sleek looking, and has a very Apple-like feel.

— It’s quite slim and super thin:

At 19 mm, the CruxSKUNK™ and iPad® combination is about as thin as a Macbook Air® and weighing about the same—it’s just as easy to carry around. … At 6 mm, the CruxSKUNK’s™ base is the thinnest keyboard for your iPad® on the planet!

— It’s got a full-sized QWERTY keyboard.

The keyboard is raised above the plane of the surrounding aluminum—which makes it extremely easy to type on. In addition, you’ll be typing on a full-sized keyboard with full-sized keys.

— It has a 360 degree hinge that lets you use it with the iPad in a wide range of positions and typing angles.

CruxSkunk Side view

I think it looks very impressive overall, and like a worthy rival for another similar Kickstarter backed product – Brydge, which was successfully funded with nearly ten times more than its initial target.

I’m a backer of this one too. I pledged at the $155 level, which gets me the CruxSKUNK and a leather sleeve for it.

CruxSKUNK Backer

You can see more details and a demo video, and back the CruxSKUNK, at its Kickstarter project page.

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  1. Its great that keyboards are getting thinner but will this make them a lot more fragile. I do like the idea of a keyboard for the ipad it can be quite annoying to have to use the touch pad all the time. I also like how they have modifies the keyboard to allow for that desktop appeal what will they think of next ?

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