Do Judge This iPad 2 Book Case By Its Cover

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The iPad 2 Book Case from ReAuthored is a great concept. It combines good looks, a secure housing for the iPad, and a heck of a good re-use of discarded old books.

It might even reduce the risk of having an iPad stolen, as it makes it look like an old book instead of an expensive tablet device. These cases are handcrafted with these materials:

    • Book: Discarded Book of Varying Title
    • Exterior Cover: Heavy Jacquard or Original Book Binding
    • Interior Cover: Heavy Jacquard 
    • Elastic Closure: Professional Woven Elastic

They’re compatible with both the original iPad and the iPad 2 and they go for $39. For more info and to place an order visit the ReAuthored site:

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10 thoughts on “Do Judge This iPad 2 Book Case By Its Cover”

  1. Hi! My name is Maha and my boyfriend and I own ReAuthored and we personally make these cases by hand. We quit our jobs about 2 months ago in search of living a more fulfilled life and that was when we decided to start ReAuthored. 1) Thank you for just going to our site and looking at our product…regardless of whether or not you purchase it. 2) We are working on some ways to improve our cases by adding elastic bands (without affecting the aesthetic appeal) to secure the device and creating notches for charging and/or side buttons. If you have ANY feedback, we want to hear it so we can make exactly what iPad owners are looking for. Please don’t be shy!

  2. I saw this article and checked out the site. Such a great idea! I wish I had thought of it. I just ordered one for my iPad. Seems like they would make a classic, unique (affordable) gift. So I plan to buy one for all of my parents & in laws, each of whom sports their own preferred brand of e-reader. And, NO–I’m not affiliated with Reauthored in any way;-). Best of luck to this company.

  3. Wow Dillon! What a nice comment. With that kind of enthusiasm and support, I wish you WERE affiliated with ReAuthored :) We’re looking forward to making your case and filling it with love. Take care!

  4. I think these are absolutely beautiful and classic. I’d love one as I just got an iPad for the first time. Congrats and I wish you all Thea best for the future with the business.

    Greetings from South Africa!

  5. I really like the idea of this, especially becaus I love to read. But I was wondering, are you able access the side and top buttons, and the charger spot on the bottom? or would have to remove the iPad in order to utilize the buttons?

        1. Honestly I don’t use this case as an everyday case, in which case it almost certainly would. I think this is more of a ‘Getting it from A to B’ sort of case.

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