eXoskeleton – Interesting iPad Case Kickstarter Project

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eXosheleton is the name of concept iPad case that is currently the subject of a Kickstarter project seeking funding. It’s a case that offers a way to hold the iPad one-handed with ease (according to its creator anyway) and also is usable as a stand.

I’ve seen a few iPad accessories that help with holding the iPad one-handed, and this one seems like it would stand up well against those. I don’t know if the eXoskeleton would be a big hit if it gets to market, but I certainly think there are some worse accessories for the iPad that are out there being sold.

Here’s more information and background on the project, straight from Ken Hellewell, the man behind the Kickstarter project:

The eXoskeleton (patent pending) maintains the iPad’s sleek profile while adding a super secure finger grip on the back that makes single handing a breeze. You will never again feel like you need two hands to carry your iPad around the room.

The eXoskeleton is the result of numerous designs, models and prototypes in an effort to find the optimal shape for single handed operation. Unlike other cases that address this issue, we don’t add intrusive protrusions or bulky covers. They aren’t needed.


The eXoskeleton protects all four corners, the screen and the back. No part of the iPad ever comes in contact with the table. (or the floor if dropped!)


The four raised pads ensure that when placed on its back, the iPad will not rock or wobble when typing or navigating the touchscreen. They also distribute shock forces to the strongest part of the iPad; the corners.

Working and Viewing

The four pads double as connection points for the included legs. We are using standard threads and shoulder screws which opens the door for all kinds of mounting ideas you might have – including longer and shorter legs from your local hardware store, handles or even hanging on a wall! The legs allow the iPad to be set upright for viewing in either the landscape or portrait mode. They also elevate the far edge when for an inclined typing or navigating surface.

You can watch a video demo and take a look at the eXoskeleton project here:


Let us know what you think or if you decided to donate to the project.

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