Featured iPad Accessories: Antjes’ iPad Cases

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Space Invaders iPad case

Etsy.com has got tons of rich pickings when it comes to original and creative accessories for the iPad and iPhone (and a wealth of other good stuff too).   The latest example to catch my eye are a set of iPad cases at the Antjes shop. 

Thanks to jesse for emailing me about these – Antjes has a set of 10 iPad cases and I really like several of them.

The Antjes iPad cases cover a pretty broad range.  The ones that most grabbed my attention are:

The Space Invaders case shown at the top of the post, which is described thusly:

Handcrafted/Sewed/Lasered iPad Sleeve, made of goat suede leather, lasered with the iconic Space Invaders.

The motif of the Atari Gamers generation. Lasered into goat suede leather. A perfect fit for your featured technical gadget.

The Lining is made of Woolfelt. The Colour of the felt could choose by your favourite gusto.

It goes for $79.

I also love the look of their iPad Leather Sleeve – The Bavarian Edition …

iPad Leather Sleeve Bavarian Edition

This one is described as follows:

Handcrafted/Sewed/Stitched iPad Sleeve, made of goat suede leather, stitched with a typical/traditional bavarian motif. Closed with a metal button as a fastener.

The Lining is made of Woolfelt.

The colour is green/grey. Perfectly fit for your beloved iPad.
Hand flattering goat suede leather will made the sleeve a everyday goody for your gadget handling.

It also goes for $79.

And finally for those who need a little more breakfast tribute on their iPad here’s the Bacon and Egg case …

Bacon and Egg iPad case

It is priced at $59 and I’m thinking you can provide your own description on this one. :)

It looks like cases are shipped within 21 days of ordering.  The folks at Antjes stress that they are ‘not Amazon’ – and for some good reasons …

We don’t have the goods in stock. We are handmade manufactory. Every single good is manufactured individually. We made individual colors, sizes etc.

To get a good look at the full set of 10 iPad cases from Antjes, or to order any that strike your fancy, give their site a look here:


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  1. WOW, these cases look really swish and smart. They're decent price range, but quite expensive for some. $79 is okay as these look really, really superb.

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