Featured iPad Accessories: Happy Owl Studios iPad Cases

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Happy Owl Studio iPad cases

My good friend Judie at Gear Diary has a nice post up today showing off some very nice looking new iPad cases from Happy Owl Studio.  Apart from looking quite smart, the cases also offer pockets and storage for everything but the kitchen sink.

The one shown in the screencap above is The Wallet; here’s a little slice of its description:

The Wallet has pockets for cash and change, credit cards, business cards, pens, a stylus, a passport and a mobile phone. Plus, you’ll still have plenty of extra space in the larger pocket for your MiFi, keys and more! Style and function united.

The Wallet goes for $64.99. 

For lots more lovely photos of a couple of Happy Owl cases, check out the Gear Diary post here: http://www.geardiary.com/2010/04/27/happy-owl-studio-ipad-cases-are-now-available-for-order/

For more details and to place an order, visit the Happy Owl Studio site:


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9 thoughts on “Featured iPad Accessories: Happy Owl Studios iPad Cases”

  1. Check out the new photo's at Happy Owl i pad case just posted _ they have completely changed the designed design so it now looks like a cheap knock off off what was originally advertised. I am very disappointed with what they have done to mthe design and will cancwlling my order…


  2. Happy Owl cases are not what promissed and look nothing like what was orginally posted at their web site. Check out their web site now and look at the photograph ugly.

  3. I had considered this one, but finally decided to get Aligata iPad case. And now I’m really happy with it. Looks great, classy & simple case!

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