Featured iPad Accessory: iEcostand

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iEcostand iPad stand

The iEcostand is described as a sleek, green, and affordable stand for the iPad.  I haven’t seen one up close and personal as yet, but it looks and sounds as it it fits that bill nicely.  Its green credentials certainly look strong, and the $17.95 price tag is definitely affordable and considerably lower than the majority of iPad stands I’ve seen.


Here’s a little more info on the stand, via its web page:

Ah, wood; beautiful, natural wood.
Crafted out of hardwood by local craftsmen.
This clean, elegant stand supports landscape, portrait, and keyboard use.
It is light-weight but stable. Sturdy as all get out. The hinged arm swings out for stability but folds into the stand for portability. Eco-friendly is the name of the game.
Minimal packaging is used.  And, each sale includes a donation to American Forests to plant a tree.

Made from hardwood.
Locally crafted.
Supports landscape, portrait and keyboard usage.
Non-slip rubber pads protect surfaces and iPad.

For more details or to place an order, here’s the iEcostand site:


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