Featured iPad Accessory: iPad Leather Sheath from ColsenKeane

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Leather iPad Sheath by ColsenKeane

The vision? To encapsulate the sense of adventure and worn/used/vintage look for an item that is only weeks old! This heavy duty leather with a simple yet sturdy piece of hardware will cover many generations of iPads to come and will only get better with age!

That’s a little bit of the description of the iPad Leather Sheath, from ColsenKeane.  I spotted this ultra-stylish looking iPad carrier via an article singing its praises from our friends at the iPad in Canada site.

Here’s a taste of what Christopher at iPad in Canada thinks of the sheath:

Each case is hand-made from a single piece of leather which securely fits your iPad and offers incredible protection in a stylish, one of a kind package. Literally, hand made to order, the case is made just for you and can be customized!

Since I started carrying my iPad in the case I have been stopped, many times, by passers by asking where I found such a great looking sleeve. People are amazed by the design and quality.

I find the photos of the sheath very striking – so if it matches that effect in real life then I’m not surprised he’s getting so many comments on it.

There are a few options for which type of leather you’d like for the sheath, as well as for whether you’d like it with or without a buckle and / or a shoulder strap.  I like it just as it’s shown at the top of this post.  The iPad Leather Sheath goes for between $65 – 85, depending on the options you select.

If you’d like more info or to place an order, here’s where to go:


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