Featured iPad Accessory: Night Case from Caveman Case Co.

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Caveman Case Co Night iPad case

I spotted this one thanks to a Twitter follow from the company that makes it.  It’s called simply ‘Night’ so I’m just going to refer to it as the Night Case for iPad.  I have to admit that part of what caught my eye is the name of the company making these – Caveman Case Co.  Something about cavemen fashioning cases for magical, revolutionary devices that seem just a bit ahead of their time – I blame those damn Geico ads. Smile

Anyway, the case looks interesting – hit the break for a little more detail on it and one more pic …


Handmade in Arizona, Caveman Case Co delivers an elegant, sharp and sophisticated light weight–under 1 lb–iPad Case.

Caveman iPad Cases exhibit a luxurious, screen friendly, velvet interior.  Heavy duty moleskine straps securely hold the iPad in place, and its flexible spine allows you to use your iPad in landscape, portrait mode or on an incline for an easy typing experience.

With minimal inlay material, our case is the least distracting, secure and fully functional iPad Case on the market.

This case goes for $44.95 and you can get more detail on it, or place an order, here:


It looks like there may be more to come from the cave dwellers at Caveman Case Co. in future, as their site has a few references to cases and products (plural) though just now the Night case is the only one shown on the Products page. 

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    1. I agree it has this case is a very good deal. I just received mine and am very happy it with. It has a professional feel, and I love the name. I am looking forward to see what other products might come out.

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