Finally a Good Use for a Hockey Puck – as an iPad Stand

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Hey hey – here’s a use for a hockey puck that I can relate to.  It’s a bit of a ‘customized’ puck, serving as quite an effective looking iPad stand.  Here’s a little bit of the story behind it:

Canadian iPad user @canadianipad (Twitter) has created an extremely ingenious stand for their iPad. By spending $0.99 and utilizing some skill with a cutting tool, @canadianipad has designed an iPad stand made from a hockey puck!

I am a huge sports fan – football (of both the real, beautiful game variety and the NFL flavor), basketball, baseball, boxing, and lots more – but one I’ve never got into at all is hockey.  Partly because I could never skate to save my life so never played it as a kid, and also because I just never found it a compelling game to watch.  I do love this use of a puck though. :)

Via: iPad in Canada (who else?)

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5 thoughts on “Finally a Good Use for a Hockey Puck – as an iPad Stand”

  1. This is cool. Pucks are heavy and will keep the pad from falling over. Yet small enough to not cover much. Very nice!

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