First Impressions: Oberon Design iPad 2 Cover Case –Gorgeous

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This morning I received the Oberon Design iPad 2 Cover shown above – a review unit provided by Oberon. The design I chose is called the Hokusai Wave and I hope that despite my terribly poor photographic efforts you can get some idea how gorgeous this thing is.

And that would be my strongest first impression of this case – that it is just a beautiful design and made with lovely thick quality leather. Or, as the Oberon site describes it, ‘old school leather artistry’. Hurrah for old school then.

I’m not sure how well this case will serve when using the iPad heavily (I’ll soon put that to the test) but it is certainly a fantastic looking option for a carrying case.

Once I’ve spent more time with the Oberon iPad 2 Cover I’ll post a review. In the meantime, you can see more details on it or place an order at Oberon’s product page for it here:

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