First Impressions – ZAGG LEATHERskin for iPad 2

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This morning I got a chance to install my brand new ZAGG LEATHERskin for iPad 2 onto my iPad 2. This is a skin for the back of the iPad 2, that’s made of genuine leather, as the name implies.

I got one in navy blue to match my iPad 2 Smart Cover. I’ve been looking forward to using this new skin, and here are my very quick first impressions on it:

— It looks very, very smart and matches my iPad 2 smart cover just about perfectly.

— Installation was quite easy, although I did find myself ignoring the instructions provided by ZAGG, which called for peeling it off in sections and aligning each one, and just applying it all at once. It took less than 10 minutes, including a fair bit of rubbing with a microfiber cloth to work in a couple of minor bubbles.

— The leather on the skin looks great and feels very nice, but has a little bit of a chemical smell blending with its leather smell right now. It’s nowhere near as bad as the horrible-smelling Yoobao leather case for the iPad 2, and hopefully the chemical smell will fade away soon.

— The iPad 2 feels a little heavier again with the LEATHERskin on; that is heavier than it previously did with an iPad 2 Gelaskin on it. At least early impressions-wise it does not feel as light as the iPad 2 does naked, as it did when the Gelaskin was on it. It’s not a lot heavier, but it feels noticeable to me at the moment.

I hope the weightier feeling will go away after a bit of use, as I really like the look of this skin, paired with the iPad 2 smart cover, a whole lot.

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9 thoughts on “First Impressions – ZAGG LEATHERskin for iPad 2”

  1. Hi,
    I’d would like to know if you use a front film for your Ipad 2 ,if yes which one?
    I’d like to buy one but I don’t know which can be the best.
    I love my smart cover red and looking for back cover.


    1. I use a front screen protector for my iPad 2. The one I use is from Ghost Armor, and was installed by them at a local kiosk outside my local Apple store. I’m very happy with the product and the install.

  2. I think I will be getting one of these soon, as well. Has the smell faded any since your post?

  3. Ya know, strange as it may sound, yes it has. It now smells more leathery, with very little chemical smell.

  4. FYI Even though this was designed to match the SmartCover it puts itself between the magnets and the iPad, rendering the magnetic connection less effective. I am about to trim off the edge because my iPad keeps falling off the magnets when propped up to its tallest position using the SmartCover.

    1. I have not done any trimming and mine is working without any issues, no problems at all with the magnetic connection.

      1. Update: After contacting Zagg, apparently some that did not have a cutout for the SmartCover magnets got into shipping and I was one of the lucky recipients. They will be replacing mine shortly. Weird.

        1. Ah, that makes sense. Sorry to hear you got a defective one, hope the replacement arrives quickly. I am liking this leatherskin a lot.

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