FridgePad – Is That a Good Idea?

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FridgePad iPad fridge magnet

The FridgePad magnetically mounts your iPad to your kitchen fridge so it’s at the heart of your home and in a perfect location for all the family to use.

So it’s a magnetic fridge mount for your iPad. I have to admit that’s not an accessory category that I’ve been on the lookout for since buying my iPad.  And this item on its feature list gives me the willies:

Large powerful magnet to eliminate any movement

The product page for the FridgePad has several FAQ questions relating to the magnets used and states that they will not harm the iPad in any way.  I just don’t know if I could feel assured by that.  Magnets plus iDevices are a dodgy area in my view – especially on a product where the magnets are such a major feature of the accessory.

Another dealbreaker for me is the whole idea of the iPad on the fridge.  I don’t know about any of you, but our fridge gets manhandled a fair bit – the door gets opened with a bit too much gusto and slams into a cupboard. the side of i gets bumped when we’re doing things on the counter, and so on.  Then again, our kitchen is quite small – and it’s feeling smaller the more I write this. :)

In any case, between the magnets and the fridge location, this is one accessory that is not for me.

If it sounds like something that might work well for you, you can get further info and order one here:

Via: 9to5Mac

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4 thoughts on “FridgePad – Is That a Good Idea?”

  1. Perhaps an addition to the feature set is in order: "Large powerful magnet to eliminate any movement… and any data on your iPad!"

  2. I wonder about the magnets and other parts and wireless (WiFi, 3G).reception quality.
    …though maybe it is meant to be used there.

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