Got My iPad 2 Screen Protectors Yesterday

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I’m a big believer in screen protectors for my iDevices, and especially the iPad. They offer protection against scratches and dings to your shiny tablet buddy, and also help reduce smudges and fingerprints a little.

So yesterday I got screen protectors applied to my new iPad 2. I would have had this done on Day 1, but my favorite local Ghost Armor Screen Protector Superheroes – these guys who run a kiosk at the Barton Creek Mall in Austin, right outside the Apple store – didn’t have their new covers in just yet for the iPad 2.

They were confident they’d have them in by Monday, and they did – so I went and had front and back screen protectors applied by them to my iPad 2. It only took 30 minutes and they did a superb job once again – something I just cannot manage to do myself.

The iPad 2 looks perfect today, not a blemish or bubble to be seen anywhere. If you have a Ghost Armor kiosk anywhere near you, I highly recommend using them to protect your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile devices. Check out their site here for more info and locations:

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5 thoughts on “Got My iPad 2 Screen Protectors Yesterday”

  1. I got confirmation that my Best Skins Ever shipped yesterday. I hope they come in by tomorrow so I can outfit my iPad before heading out of town again.

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