Got My ZAGGmate with Keyboard iPad Case

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ZAGGMate with Keyboard for iPad

This guy arrived at my house a couple days ago. It’s the ZAGGmate with Keyboard case + keyboard combo for the iPad, and I’ve just had a chance to start trying it out a little today.

My first impressions are mostly good. The bluetooth keyboard pairs up easily with the iPad, the case is light and good looking, and the keyboard is not too bad to use – though it is quite small and I’m fat-fingering a lot in my early usage of it.

I’ll look to have a review up on this fairly soon.

If you have any specific questions about the ZAGGmate with Keyboard, please throw them into the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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15 thoughts on “Got My ZAGGmate with Keyboard iPad Case”

    1. I've only done a small amount of testing so far with it. I think it might be a bit awkward typing for long periods of time with that lip there – but so far I'm not finding it too terrible. My biggest problem thus far is getting used to the small keys.

  1. Would be interested to know about how the onscreen keyboard affects use as it is wasting screen space – ie is there a way to hide it but still have the ability to type with the keyboard? In most apps I use

    1. This is cool. The iPad knows there is a BT keyboard connected and in every app I've tried so far – including Mail, Twitter, Simplenote, Evernote, Contacts – it automatically hides the virtual keyboard when I'm in text fields.

  2. How well does it operate when not in use for typing, as when reading on the Kindle app for example? Is it a good and useful case independent of the keyboard use?

    1. It doesn't work that way. It is designed for the iPad to go into it screen down. It is just a transport it from A to B case when not in use for typing.

  3. I like the way the Zaggmate looks, but over all it is good. There are a few major problems I have with it. 1. the spacebar takes an act of god himself to get to work. 2. it scratches the face of the ipad if you do not buy the shield for your ipad. Which will cost you another 35.00 for the non glare, which is the only way to go in my opinion. then you will have to spend $25.00 for the back over of the ipad, because if you ever want to resale the ipad to upgrade you better buy the shield because the back scratches so easy. You wont be able get a good price because who is going to buy something that is all scratched up. 3. and the cake of it all is the Zaggmate doubles for a case as well, but it scratches really easy. Oh but of course Zagg came up with an easy fix, buy another one of thier cases for $35.00. Okay to break that rant down. $99.00 for the zaggmate with keyboard, then $35.00 for the glare free shield to protect the ipad from the zaggmate. Then the $25.00 on the back shield because it does not come in the non glare package. Then you have to buy the shield for the zaggmate itself if you want to keep that “aircraft grade aluminum” looking nice. so before you know it you spent $100.00 on shields and $100.00 on the zaggmate.

    1. Hey Nick – sorry for the slow reply.

      Good points. I already have a screen protector on my iPad and I’m personally not too fussed if the Zaggmate itself gets a bit scuffed, but I can see your point.

  4. I’ve had mine for ~2 wks now. I bought it as a keyboard/stand all in one and not as a case. Although the fit is great!

    I have no trouble with the space bar at all and from its design and texture can’t imagine how it could possibly scratch glass.

    I slip the closed assembly into a $15 netbook case from Walmart.

    Also, “Aircraft grade Aluminum” refers to an alloy (probably 6061-T6) that improves the torsional rigidity, but does little to increase the hardness. That’s why they use a bead-blasted finish.

    Note: All Apple products are premium priced and Zagg is adopting that marketing strategy as well. I would go elsewhere for other accessories though.

  5. Now that you’ve had this case for a few months, do you still recommend it? I have been thinking of purchasing this because I miss using a keyboard during meetings. However, I am concerned about the comment that mentions the possibility of scratching the screen. I don’t use screen protectors, so do you feel the case would scratch my screen?

    1. Jennielle – I do still recommend it. I’m not sure I can really address your fears on the scratching subject, as I’ve had screen protectors on front and back of my iPad for quite a while (and highly recommend that).

      I have used the ZAGGmate on a number of outings and for general testing – but I can’t say my usage of it has been particularly heavy. Having said that, I have not seen any great amount of scratching to the ZAGGmate cover itself – and as mentioned in reply to Nick above, I’m no too fussed if it does.

      I think my two suggestions for you would be:

      — Get screen protectors for your iPad before grabbing the ZAGGmate. One place that is excellent for these, especially if you don’t want to mess with applying them yourself, is a Ghost Armor kiosk. See my quick review of them here:

      — Alternatively, try a nice compact stand to make typing on the virtual keyboard easier during meetings. The Compass Mobile stand is ultra-compact and perfect for this job. Review here:

  6. I accidentally ordered only the case without the keyboard. Does anyone know if the keyboard can be added on?

    Thank you!

  7. I just got one with an ipad 3 that was sold with it on eBay (without charger). Do you have any advice on where to get just a charger and how to pair it with the ipad? Thanks for all the great info!

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