Has Your iPad Got Balls?

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Ah, now that’s a post title that you doesn’t often spring to mind.  The iBallz ‘harness’ for the iPad seemed to demand it though.  Here”s a little Intro to the iBallz harness (though the video above is a much better one):

iBallz is a “one size fits all” shock absorbant harness that protects and enhances the appearance of template-style computing and “e-reader” devices such as Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader and others.

Unlike other products currently on the market that encase a device and rely on a thin layer of rubber or plastic for protection, iBallz does not conceal the device. It utilizes balls at the four corners and elastic string along the sides to absorb the shock and reduce the potential damage resulting from dropping the device. This design also avoids obstructing the device buttons and adapters.

I actually think this thing – if you can get past the goofiness factor (and that’s a big if) – looks pretty good.  It really looks easy to use and fairly versatile.  The video is well worth a look, and not just because a grown woman says the word ‘balls’ more times in one minute and forty-seven seconds than I’ve ever seen. :)

You can order iBallz in black, blue (cough), or grey – and they go for $19.95.  You can get more detail and place an order here:


I just ordered one.

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