Here’s What a $130 iPad Stand Looks Like

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The Joule iPad Stand

The Joule, from Element Case,  is a one hell of a good looking iPad stand – the handsomest I’ve seen so far.  Here’s a little detail on it:

The Joule is made from solid aluminum.  Its base rests on rubberized feet making the stand sturdy and slip-resistant.  A magnetically-attached foot supports the iPad so that it will not tip over when the touch screen is being used.  The foot can be inserted three ways for different viewing angles, and the highest insertion point positions the iPad perfectly for typing. The iPad itself fits, either vertically or horizontally, into a velvet-lined recess in the base.  A notch in the front of the base allows easy access to the home button when the iPad is vertical.

The stand is available in chrome or anodized black. You can also get it customized or laser-engraved with words, images, or logos.

The Joule goes for $129 plus shipping costs.  As handsome as it is, that’s just out of my league for the cost of a stand – especially after having spent a fair whack already on an iPad dock, keyboard dock, cases, a screen protector, and so on.

If you’ve got a healthy stand budget, you can get more details or place an order here:

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