Highly Recommended: Flowfold iPad Sleeves (and a Chance for You to Win One)

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Flowfold iPad Sleeves are a superb case for the iPad 2 or original iPad. They started out as a Kickstarter project last year; the project got funded and these excellent cases are now available to order. I was fortunate enough to be given a sample unit to test while the Kickstarter project was going on, was thoroughly impressed, and became a project backer.

I’ve been using the Flowfold sleeve for a couple months now and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s one of my favorite cases for my iPad 2. So I’m happy to say there are two bits of good news on Flowfold to share with you today: that they’re available to purchase now at the Flowfold site at a very reasonable $35 price point, and that we’ve got two to giveaway to a pair of lucky readers.

Read on for more details about why the Flowfold iPad Sleeves are so good, and how to enter for a chance to win one …

Here are just a few reasons why I like the Flowfold iPad Sleeve so much:

— It’s very easy to get the iPad in and out of the sleeve quickly, and it’s held very securely in place while in the sleeve. I can even leave on my iPad 2 Smart Cover and fit it nicely in the sleeve. The sleeve’s lining is nice and soft as well.

— These are ecologically sound cases, built with incredibly durable materials.

Built with the same high tech racing sailcloths used by the world’s sailing elite. These wallets are composed of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Pentex or Polyester matrixes sandwiched between Mylar films. They are the toughest, lightest and most resilient tablet sleeves in the world due to their high tensile strength to weight ratios and ideal modulus of elasticities.

The cloths used in flowfold tablet sleeves are carefully drawn from scrap, blemish, and discontinued stock. As flowfold production grows so does our network of sailcloth manufacturers, racing teams and individuals whose extra cloth we put to use. Our production process redirects non-biodegradable material from becoming pollution in a landfill.

— The sleeves are lightweight and very easy to carry. They’re also quite handsome looking.

As I said, this has become one of my most used cases for the iPad 2. And now here’s the details on how to enter for a chance to win one of these …

Contest Details – Win a Flowfold iPad Sleeve

Two Free Flowfold Sleeves to Be Won

Contest Deadline: Saturday February 4, 2:00PM US Central

– Just add a comment to this post and you’re in with a chance to win.

– For an extra entry and a better chance of winning, take a look at the Flowfold iPad Sleeves product page and tell us what your favorite features are.

That’s it.  On Saturday we’ll draw two lucky winners and get the case shipped off to them soon afterwards.

Good luck to all.

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  1. Very sleek looking! I’ve been searching for an iPad sleeve for quite some time. I like to use mine “au naturel” and would like something to protect when not in use and while traveling.

  2. Tough, light and resistant….! that might just be what I need for my very new ipad being shipping this week. Keeping my fingers crossed for the give away

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