I Removed My ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass From My iPad

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Remember that ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass protector I wrote about in December? Well, I finally decided to take it off my iPad Air 2 yesterday. I initially bought the shield for the extra scratch protection it could provide — the idea being that ZAGG’s tempered glass might be harder than the glass that Apple uses. This certainly seemed true for scratches, because after a month of abuse, the face of the shield still seemed flawless. However, the same couldn’t be said of the side, which looked like it had been chipped a bit; that part surprised me because I have never dropped this Air 2.

But it wasn’t this minor cosmetic damage that sealed the deal for me. It was the way the shield seemed to work against the design of the Air 2. The extra glass definitely increased the amount of glare, which took away from the crisp right-at-the-surface effect of the iPad’s laminated display. Then there was the negative effect the thicker glass had on TouchID. My theory is that the slight increase in distance between my thumb and the TouchID sensor decreased reading accuracy, so I was getting a lot more failures with the ZAGG shield on than I did without it. Taking it off has been a breath of fresh air, and the sensor is now back to being extremely reliable (much more so than on my iPhone 5S). I had a few commenters back in my December post that called me out on this issue, but after a month of use, I know that this protector did affect TouchID experience.

I plan to keep the Glass around in a drawer in case I send it in for replacement, but I likely won’t install it again; I now know definitively that I prefer the naked iPad screen.

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2 thoughts on “I Removed My ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass From My iPad”

    1. You may have a case of the Misreads. I never said the screen protectors was scratched.

      As for my iPad’s naked screen scratching up without the extra protection: I’ve yet to experience that under normal circumstances in my Air or Air 2.

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