I Welcome Our Tiny New Overlords Who Clean iPad Screens

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Do you like tiny, clever robots? Hate having to clean your iPad screen? Got some time to kill? If you answered yes to all three, then the AutoMee S robot may soon be your new BFF.

This little guy resembles a (very) mini version of a Roomba floor cleaning robot – but built to clean our iPad and iPhone screens. TUAW describes go it cleans a little:

The miniscule bot’s underside is adorned with two motorized, replaceable cleaning discs, so it’s not simply dragging a cleaning cloth around and it’s “smart” enough to recognize the edges of your device and do an about-face so as not to drive off.

It’s due out in March, will cost around $17 and will run on a single AA battery.

Here’s one aspect of the Auto Mee S that may make it quite a tough sell: it’s said to take about 8 minutes to clean an iPad screen. I believe the phrase we’re looking for here is ‘tiny robot is SLOW’.

For more details on the AutoMee S and a link to a demo video, check out TUAW’s post here: http://feeds.tuaw.com/click.phdo?i=b3ea5a01ab8772d728d5ae3da867b87d

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