INVELLOP Leatherette Case Cover for the iPad mini – Take 2

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INVELLOP Leatherette iPad mini Case

This just arrived today. It’s an INVELLOP Leatherette Case Cover for the iPad mini. Just like the one I reviewed last week.

I liked this case so much that I got a second one, in my preferred dark blue color. As I mentioned in the review it quickly became my favorite case for my iPad mini, and is getting tons of use. I still use the iPad mini with just a smart cover and even naked at times, just to enjoy how incredibly light it is – – but this has become my go-to case for anytime I’m going out with the iPad mini, or even for when I’m in my home office at times.

So now I’ve got a spare one of these excellent iPad mini cases. It will have a new owner soon – stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “INVELLOP Leatherette Case Cover for the iPad mini – Take 2”

  1. Have you had any problems with the leatherette cracking? I, too, LOVED this case . . . until it began to crack on the edges—not just where the cover folds, but other places, too—after just one month of gentle use.

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