invisibleSHIELD for iPad Now Available for Pre-order

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The folks at Zagg have sne tout an email blast to announce that their invisbleSHIELD for the iPad is now available to be pre-ordered.

invisibleSHIELD has a great reputation for being just about the toughest anti-scratch protection (they’re made from military grade material) you can get for a number of mobile devices (including the iPhone) while also adding almost no bulk or thickness to your device.  I’m sure they’ll be a popular accessory for the iPad as well.

The Full Body covers for the iPad go for $34.99.  Front Coverage is priced at $24.99. Zagg’s site say they will ship ‘shortly after the release’ of the iPad.  For lots more detail and / or to place a pre-order, go HERE.

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4 thoughts on “invisibleSHIELD for iPad Now Available for Pre-order”

  1. Invisible Shields are OK, but their warranty is a lie. I did a warranty return on a shield for an iPhone, and they charged my credit card even though I returned the item on-time, and had proof. I had to gripe and moan on twitter before they would give me a refund, and even then, they only gave me a partial refund.

    I’m sticking with BestSkinsEver. I have done a warranty replacement with them as well, and they just ship you a new one. No problem.

  2. I have the same issue patrick. I normally dont bother getting one because they are hard to apply to devices but I do think I will get one for the iPad as im sure it will attract scratches.

    1. Oh, me too – I will definitely get some sort of screen protector for it. Will look out for one I feel like I can wrestle into submission / apply. :)

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