iPad Camera Connection Kit Arrived, Balances Well on a Labrador’s Head

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My iPad Camera Connection Kit has arrived, as promised in the last delivery notice from Apple.  Delivery cut it a bit close to the end of the day – it got here just a few minutes ago.

I’ve never been a big one for unboxings – but I did take a moment to test how well the kit’s packaging balances on my faithful hound’s head.  It does very well on a big, flat Labrador noggin – in fact, could probably fit three on there comfortably if I had ’em around.

That’s the extent of my testing for today. :) Hope all of you who were expecting delivery today got yours as well.

Patrick Jordan

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4 thoughts on “iPad Camera Connection Kit Arrived, Balances Well on a Labrador’s Head”

  1. I heard that the connector will allow you to use a USB keyboard. Can you try it and let us know please?

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