Apple iPad Case ‘Bleeds’ onto iPad

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Bleeding iPad case 

Yikes.  One of our readers has found that his Apple iPad case is bleeding dye – in his case luckily onto his Invisibleshield cover, otherwise he’d have a very messed up iPad.

I haven’t seen anything like this reported round the web, and I’ve never liked the Apple case much at all, so it has only very rarely been on my iPad.


Here’s what Alex had to say about this problem he’s seeing:

Hi I’m Alex, reader of your blog. I’m wondering if you have heard or seen any problems similar to mine with this case. I purchased it at the Apple store at the beginning of July, as I seen it first hand on from one of the employees. I was very satisfied until today that I decided to take it out of the case to give it a good clean. To my surprise the back of my iPad had some dark blue smudges on it that were smudged from the inside of the case. I’ve tried removing them but no luck. Lucky for me I had my Zagg invisible shield. Now I’m wondering if the smudges were caused by the material of the shield that didn’t mix with the material from the Apple case or it was just bad luck?

I replied back to let him know that none of our guys had seen anything similar and asked the obvious question about whether he had exposed his iPad and its case to any excessively hot environments.  Alex lives in Canada and assures us that his iPad hasn’t been out in the sun or heat for more than 5 minutes and is generally either in a car with AC or in air-conditioned environments.

Here’s the reply he got from the support folks at Zagg (makers of his Invisibleshield) when he reported the issue to them:

Unfortunately it appears that the case you received from Apple may not have had the dye set well into the material and it "bled" out on our invisibleSHIELD.  I know this isn’t a normal situation because we have a number of customers who use our invisibleSHIELD and the Apple iPad case in tandem and have not had this issue.  Let me explain a little about how this could happen – because of the nano-memory technology built into the invisibleSHIELD it is somewhat porous and will accept some dyes into the pores of the film.  Normally the dye in a product (like the Apple case) is "set" and won’t bleed out onto other products. 

Fortunately this is one of the reasons to buy the invisibleSHIELD with our Lifetime Guarantee.

And here’s one more shot of Alex’s iPad:

iPad case bleeding dye

Have any of you seen anything like this on your own or anybody else’s iPad?

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17 thoughts on “Apple iPad Case ‘Bleeds’ onto iPad”

  1. Perhaps it's bleeding because of the shield cover… The cover would be introducing a different amount of heat distribution that might not be an issue on straight aluminum, and the case itself may not be to blame, but rather the fact that he has a cover that's retaining more heat than the aluminum.

  2. Unfortunately this happened to mine as well, I happen to notice it after a month of having the invisibleSHIELD installed with the Apple case in use, i never did notice it when the iPad was bare and in the case prior to installing the Zagg, so i didn't think much of it as a big deal hence why i never enquired anywher about it as i assumed the the Zagg invisibleSHIELD was just doing its Job. (I've also got screenshots of mine)

  3. Both iPads in our household have the same problem. We are using BodyGuardz on them in conjunction with the Apple Case. Same kind of bleed marks on the back.

  4. Yikes, I have the same case, but don't have any of those invisible shield on it. I just checked mine after reading this, and looks like I'm good. That looks nasty.

  5. Mine bled onto the screen portion. Luckily I had invisishield as well. I have a six inch by 1/2 line down the left side of my screen.

  6. I had the exact same problem. I´m also using a Zagg, so the proble must with the material used in the zagg.

  7. After reading this article I removed my iPad from the Apple case and found the exact same blending on the Zagg InvisibleShield.

    Guess I need to get in touch with Zagg.

  8. It appers that this is a problem with only ipads with invisishields… I wonder if the plastics of the iPad protector is causing the dyes to come out of the case…

    I have one of the apple cases on my iPad, and it has sat in the hot car for periods of time with no "bleeding of the dyes"….
    I'm thinking the nano material in the shield may be acting as a sponge to the dyes.

  9. Why would you need an invisashield under the apple case that’s just redundant. Remove the invisisheild an all is good

  10. I have the exact same problem, except I have a ZAGGskin which is a custom photo invisibleSHIELD. The color can be seen in the middle of the ZAGGskin and around the edges. I contacted ZAGG and got the following,

    "I am sorry to hear that your ZAGGskin is discoloring. The ZAGGskin, with the invisibleSHIELD on top is porous and can absorb colors, and if the case you were using is blue, then that is what may have happened. I am sorry to say that the ZAGGskin only has a 45 day money back guarantee and it has been over 45 days. I am afraid that is why you are not able to order a replacement. We typically do not recommend using a case with our products.

    What I can do is give you a 30% discount code so you can place a new order. The code is: XXXXXXXX and is good until July 26, 2011.

    I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused you. "

    That 30% coupon is worthless, because I can register for the ZAGG email newsletter and get up to 50% codes. I just did and got a 40% off code.

    I ordered the ZAGGskin Tuesday, June 8th. It shipped on Friday, June 11th. I received the skin sometime between June 14th-16th (6-9 days after ordering). I contacted ZAGG on July 23rd (The 46th day from order date). ZAGG replied on July 26th. I'm not a happy ZAGG customer. I was planning on ordering other ZAGG products, but after this I'll probably be going with a different company.

  11. This isn’t just an issue with Apple & Ipad’s… I have a Samsung Stratosphere & a Zagg cover on the monitor, with a bright pink cover to protect the phone, which I purchased all 3 in December. My Pink from the cover started bleeding onto the zagg cover just last night. I had not been used or around any new conditions yesterday then it had been for the past 2 months. Mine bled all around the front of the phone & is heavy bleeding in places. Hopefully when I pull the zagg invisible shield off it will clear up the mess. I’m definatly contacting Zagg after reading the posts here that others are having the same issue.

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