First Look: Marware EcoFlip for iPad 2

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I finally got my first 3rd party case for the iPad 2 today. The Marware EcoFlip for iPad 2 was delivered this morning.  Up to now I’ve been using only the Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2 and Ghost Armor screen protectors / covers for front and back of the iPad 2. Local Apple and other retail stores here in Austin have had very slim pickings thus far for iPad 2 cases. Apple Stores offer none at all aside from the smart cover and between AT&T, Verizon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart I’ve found none that appeal at all.

I’ve also seen very few cases that I like online that are actually shipping immediately. This is one of two Marware cases for iPad 2 that I’ve ordered, and both are shipping far later than originally expected.


Here are some very quick first impressions on the EcoFlip for iPad 2:

— The shipping was much later than I was originally told, by several weeks – and with no notifications o communication from Marware to say shipping was delayed or to advise when it had eventually shipped. When you call for information, their phone agents are pleasant and helpful, but the lack of communication from the company seems a customer service fail to me.

— The ‘Eco-leather’ used on the case seems good, but not great. It doesn’t feel or smell like very high quality leather, but it’s plenty good enough for its purpose and the case looks smart and professional.

— It definitely has no support for smart cover tech to automatically sleep/wake the iPad 2 or automatically attach – and I have to say I’ve already come to like that feature a lot, and miss it in this case.

— It offers solid, all-round protection for the iPad 2. It’s not an Otterbox or one of the super rugged cases, but it covers front, back, and sides of the iPad 2.

— The case can be folder easily into two stand positions – a portrait / viewing mode as shown above, and a flatter, typing position as well.


I’m glad to finally have a full-protection option for the iPad 2 for when it’s needed. On first impressions, this is a good and professional looking case. I can’t see it being a favorite once I have other options – especially the two I have ordered that offer both full protection and smart cover support.

I’ll try to post a full review once I’ve spent enough time with the Marware EcoFlip for iPad 2.

What are you all doing for iPad 2 cases so far? Which are your favorites, which have you ordered?

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4 thoughts on “First Look: Marware EcoFlip for iPad 2”

  1. The iPad 2 case situation is pathetic. It’s almost as if Apple placed an embargo on all 3rd party case manufacturers. I had a Marware for my original iPad, and it was decent. The “leather” was okay as you started, but some of the edges started to peel off after a week of light use. It’s definitely not a top of the line case, but it’ll do in a jam. It’s better than leaving the iPad naked and exposed to the elements.

    I’m still waiting for the perfect case to come along. One that has support for all of the things the Smart Cover can do, but actually protects the device at the same time. It’s only a matter of time before a case of this nature drops, but it’s taking a long time. Until then my iPad 2 is relegated to home use only. I don’t take it outdoors for fear of dropping it.

    Thanks for the review, it’s good to see that there are at least *some* options.


    1. Yeah, it is quite surprising how few cases are around – and genuinely available – for iPad 2 so far. Hopefully this will change quickly over coming weeks.

      I saw some fast wear and tear on my Marware EcoFlip for the iPad as well – mostly on the stitching. Their C.E.O. Hybrid held up much better and is still in use by my wife and daughter on the iPad V1. I’ve got a CEO Hybrid on order as well – but no idea when it’s due to ship yet.

    1. Cool. Thanks for mentioning those. I looked at the STM Skinny, had seen it mentioned elsewhere as well – and ordered one this morning.

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