Review: Marware Eco-Flip iPad 2 Case

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Marware Eco-Flip iPad 2 Case

In these first few weeks since the iPad 2 launched it has been relatively hard to track down good cases for the new iPad. Apple stores are not carrying any 3rd party cases at all yet, and other retail outlets (AT&T, Verizon, Best Buy, Target et al) have very slim pickings or none at all, at least here in Austin.

Looking to established online accessory vendors, like Marware and others, provides some options. The Marware Eco-Flip iPad 2 Case is actually the very first iPad 2 case I ordered. I’ve had the case for a couple weeks now and used it quite a lot, so it’s about time to share a quick review of it. Hit the jump for my review and a few photos of the case in action with my iPad Dos …


— The Eco in the Eco-Flip names alludes to the fact that the case is made with ‘durable eco-leather’. You might be asking ‘What the heck is eco-leather when it’s at home?’, as I did initially. Well, here’s what:

The tanning process used to make this leather uses fewer toxins than traditional leather tanning. This minimizes toxic runoff into the ground and water tables. Throughout the entire process, the leather remains RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. No chlorine, no sulfuric acid, and no petroleum/chemical based dyes. This is real leather, without the environmental impact of standard tanning and dyeing processes.

That actually sounds like a very nice trade-off to me.

— The Flip portion of the case’s name is apt because the front cover portion of the case easily flips over the back while you’re working with the iPad 2.

Marware Eco-Flip iPad 2 Case

— Here are some of the other notable features of the Eco-Flip:

• Innovative hand strap makes it easier to hold and use the iPad 2

• Protective flip top lid that folds back and doubles as an iPad 2 display stand

• Low-angle, foldaway table top stand for typing or display

• Elastic closure strap keeps the case in open or closed position

• Fold over safety tab that locks the iPad 2 in place

• Innovative design allows camera usage even when lid is folded back

• Soft micro suede interior for soft feel and scratch resistant protection

• Access to all buttons and ports so you can charge and sync without removing case


— The ‘flip’ works very nicely. It’s very easy and comfortable to use the iPad 2 while it’s in this case.

— The holder frame for the iPad 2 and all of the insides of the case are a nice, soft material that should treat your iPad 2 well.

— Although the leather does not feel like the very highest quality (more sort of middle of the road), this is a very smart and professional looking iPad 2 case. It will look sharp in meetings or any business environment.


— The Marware name is discreetly applied to the bottom-right of the case’s front cover.

Marware Eco-Flip iPad 2 Case

— All the cutouts for buttons and ports on the case are done perfectly.

— The included fold-out stand piece on the inside of the front cover portion of the case works extremely well to put the iPad 2 into a very nice flat position for typing.

Marware Eco-Flip iPad 2 Case

Marware Eco-Flip iPad 2 Case

— For a leather case, it is fairly lightweight, and doesn’t make your iPad 2 much bulkier.

— It provides a good level of all-round protection for the iPad 2 – front, back, and sides.


— When the case is used as a portrait mode stand, it does not feel terribly solid and stable to me.

— Marware customer service has not impressed me at all with the handling of this case order or a second one (for a different case) I placed with them. There were several delays to the shipping dates for both cases. That in itself is not a big deal – but I was surprised to see that during the course of several shipping delays there was zero communication from Marware. I never received an email or any other communication to let me know shipping was delayed, or even to advise when the cases were eventually shipped. I always had to call to inquire about order status.

I should mention that when the second case arrived it was accompanied by a leaflet apologizing for the shipping delays and a free gift (a set of Marware headphones). Although I appreciate the gesture, I’d far rather skip the freebies and just have some decent level of communication to customers when shipping is delayed.

— The case does not have smart cover tech support – so it will not automatically sleep/wake the iPad 2 when closed/opened. For many iPad 2 owners this may not be an issue at all or may even be a plus – for me it is a drawback, as I have come to love the iPad 2 smart cover tech.


The Marware Eco-Flip iPad 2 Case is a good, solid, professional case for the iPad 2. It offers full protection, allows you to work comfortably while the iPad 2 is in the case, and offers a very nice built-in stand for flat typing mode.

At $54.99 it’s a low to mid-range priced iPad 2 case of quite good quality. If you are not bothered about having smart cover tech and you want a good, smart-looking case for your iPad 2 then the Eco-Flip is well worth considering.

For more details or to place an order, visit Marware’s page for the Eco-Flip here:

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    1. Great question! I was wondering the same thing. After reading this article I have the impression it smells like a cows butt and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to confirm this with someone that has had direct nose to case contact.

      1. Apparently I’ve lead a sheltered life – as I’m really not sure what a cow’s butt smells like (though I figure not like wildflowers on a mountainside). I can say that I have just shared some intimate nose-to-case moments with the Eco-Flip and it smells ….

        drum roll …


        Not quite as luxuriously leathery as, say, a Vaja case – but leathery nonetheless.

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