Review – Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2 (with smart cover tech)

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Ever since I discovered how much I like the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2, but also how much I dislike its lack of full protection and inability to play nicely when folded back in use, I’ve been searching for a case that offers the best of both worlds. An iPad 2 case that offers full protection and also full support for smart cover features.

One of the first I spotted that claimed to fit the bill is the Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2. At $39.95 – ordering via XenGadget – it’s nearly 50% off the price of the Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2. So I ordered one, and yesterday it arrived.

The short story here is this case will never again be going on my iPad 2. It’s back in its box and will either be returned to the vendor or just thrown away. For details on why, hit the jump …


Here is part of the description offered for the Yoobao Executive Leather for iPad 2 at the XenGadget site:

Stylish and luxurious, and made of high quality genuine leather.  The case is tailored just right and fit your iPad 2 perfectly, and allows easy access to the ports, switches, speakers and sensors, etc. The built-in stand allows you to use your iPad 2horizontally and vertically, and to view movies or type on the iPad 2 comfortably


  • Design and made specifically for Apple iPad 2, ultra light weight (6.3 oz)
  • The case supports the hibernation function just as the Apple smart case.
  • 100% genuine leather – top quality first layer of natural cow leather
  • Perfect fit – full screen touchable and precise cutouts allowing easy access to charging port, speakers, microphone, headphones jack, Volume control, etc.
  • Built-in kickstand allows you to operate your iPad 2 with ease
  • Innovative design allows you to install and remove iPad asily
  • Provides perfect protection to your iPad 2 against shock, damage, dust and scratch

As you’ll see below, this is far from the reality that I encountered on the case shipped to me.


None. This case was on my iPad 2 for all of 10 minutes – and most of that was only for the sake of taking photos of how bad it is.



— The case STINKS, literally. It does not smell of leather at all – it reeks of chemicals. Even just holding it and getting the iPad 2 in it, the chemical stink gets all over your hands as well. I’m far from the only one finding this – see this MacRumors forum thread for lots of other buyers who experienced the same.

— The cutouts for buttons and ports on the case are ludicrously bad. Way off where they should be for the Power button, the back camera, the screen lock and volume buttons, and the headphone jack. They’re not off by a little, they’re far enough off that it makes using the iPad challenging.



— The smart cover features are all messed up. The iPad 2 is almost constantly sleeping and waking when in this case. The merest touch on the case – even on the back of the case! – has the iPad 2 waking up or going to sleep.


As I mentioned above, this case is already back in its box. It is flat-out unusable. Between the stench, the comically bad button cutouts, and the completely screwed up sleep/wake tech, it is just completely unusable.

Needless to say, I would suggest avoiding this one in your search for an iPad 2 case.

UPDATE: After this review was published I was contacted by someone from Xeniti, the reseller of the case. He said that the case I received was one of one only a dozen or so cases out of thousands shipped that had issues like I had seen, and he wanted to send me a replacement case to show me that these are generally better quality cases than the one I received.

I got the replacement case and had a chance to try it out. Sadly, it is not much better than the first one. See my post on it HERE for details.

Disclosure: This case was purchased independently by the post author.  For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page.

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7 thoughts on “Review – Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2 (with smart cover tech)”

  1. I must say I have had a Yoobao Executive Leather Case for iPad 2 fitted to my ipad 2 for some 3 weeks now and the issues you had I have not experienced at all.

    I do not work for or have any affiliation with the company that produces this product.

    The case was placed real close to my nose when I first took it out of the packaging and the smell reminded me of a lovely pair of new leather shoes which once opened over the short period of time I have owned the cover has not left any unusual smell lingering. I am more than happy with it’s fit and the alignment of all the access points on the ipad 2. The magnetic smart cover has worked well each time I open and close and flip the cover over the back to use the unit. This really has been a great performer and if your in the market for a slim, non obtrusive elegant ipad 2 cover then you can’t go wrong. It seems the problems you had were well and truly noted by the manufacturer and remedied, Regards.

    1. Good to hear. I tried a second, replacement case from them after this review as well, as noted above. For me, if it takes that long to get things right that’s just not very impressive. They should wait longer and release a quality product first time, not third time, in my view.

  2. I have this case and love it. Mine didn’t smell bad, and everything lines up perfectly. Maybe you just got a dud?

    I belong to an iPad forum and many other people have this case and have had good experiences. Guess it’s a good thing that they make so many cases for the iPad, so people can find what works for them.

    1. Two duds. After seeing my review, the company sent me a second case to show the case was better than I had experienced, and the second was nearly as bad as the first.

  3. I am from and I sent Patrick the second case after learning the first case wasn’t to his satisfaction. I personally tested the case before sending it out.

    The case is designed to be a very tight fit, so the iPad 2 has to be pushed really hard into the case to align all the ports. The smart cover/hibernation function and magnetic closure mechanism will be perfect as well.

    I don’t understand why Patrick is experiencing the problems while none of our V3 customers have experienced. Please visit the product page to read user reviews to get a balanced view on the case:

    You owe to yourself and your beloved iPad 2 to take a deeper look at the case.

    Thanks so much for your time,


  4. I have this case as well and have had none of the experiences Patrick has had. The case had a good leather smell out of the box and still does. It fits well and drives the sleep functions very well. It’s also a great value. I have recommended the case to several others who have acquired it and have had good experiences. Perhaps early models were problematic, but Yoobao seems to have ironed out any kinks.

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