iPad mini Ghost Armored & A Lesson Learned

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iPad mini Ghost Armored

Last Saturday I managed to acquire my new iPad mini LTE model. . I know this one is the one I’ll be keeping – and I wanted to get a bit of screen protection for it as soon as possible. My iPad 3 has no screen protector on because I don’t want anything to diminish the impact of the gorgeous retina display. With the iPad mini that’s not a concern – so I headed to my local Ghost Armor kiosk yesterday afternoon to get some protection for my new little pal.

I’ve written here before on how much I like the Ghost Armor product and the excellent service I’ve always had from them here in Austin. Yesterday was no different. They took just 15 minutes to get my iPad mini’s display and back covered for $45. They mentioned that the front/display screen protector might have a few little bubbles that would work themselves out over about 48 hours. It turns out there were none and the display has looked flawless ever since I got home with it – no bubbles at all.

I did learn one valuable lesson this time round with Ghost Armoring the iPad mini though: the slate back does not lend itself to using a back screen protector / clear cover at all well. In fact, in my opinion, it looks pretty hideous. I’ve used screen protectors on the back of the larger iPads, and they look OK with the iPad’s aluminum back. They look OK because you hardly notice them on the aluminum back. That’s not the case on the slate back. The screen protector stands out like a (very ugly) sore thumb on the back of the iPad mini.

Mine didn’t last 24 hours. I peeled it off this morning. I’ll be extra careful with the back of the iPad mini and maybe think about a thin skin for it, but I definitely can’t stand the look of a clear screen protector on it.

Oh, and if you happen to live in Austin and want to get your device Ghost Armored, check out their kiosk one floor below the Apple store at the Barton Creek Mall.

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