Just Arrived – Jot Pro Magnetic Stylus for iPad 2

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Jot Pro iPad 2 Stylus

That’s the Adonit Jot Pro iPad 2 Stylus shown above. Mine just arrived yesterday and I got a chance to take it out of its packaging this morning. I’ll do a review of it when I’ve spent some time with it, but for now just a few quick notes and first impressions:

— It came nicely packaged and is a very handsome and relatively slim stylus.

— The rubberized grip is a nice feature.

— The use of a ‘precision disk’ and ballpoint-like tip feels a lot nicer and more natural to write with than the typical nub pointed stylus.

— Its magnets work pretty well. It stays pretty firmly in place on the right side of the iPad 2, and very firmly on the iPad 2 Smart Cover.

That’s about if tor lightning first impressions – I have a good feeling about this one.

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12 thoughts on “Just Arrived – Jot Pro Magnetic Stylus for iPad 2”

  1. Looking forward to your review. I would love to have a stylus myself. From that photo, it looks like a metal tip that would scratch the glass. What are the tips made of?

  2. I’ve been reasonably happy with my Griffin stylus, but I’ll definitely be looking out for your review with a nervous credit card in hand!

  3. This does look to be a cut above the crowd. I have been let down by the Stylo, so maybe this will do the trick. Is it the size of a typical ballpoint pen, or is it smaller?

    1. I don’t use that many ballpoint pens these days, but yes it’s similar in length and not miles away in weight from a few I have around.

  4. I use it for about a month and I’m very happy.
    @john – No risk to scratch the glass, the tip is terminated with an articulated disk made in transparent plastic. Search Google or go to the adonit website for more details :)
    @Lee – Look the Amazon website, depends on where you are in the world! In France the coast is about 60$.
    If you’re looking for a very precise stylus, this one is the best. Also, the app for using it is a very important point. After trying a lot, the best for me is NoteShelf…

  5. Interested to hear how the disc is fixed to the tip of the “pen”. Is it very secure or something that looks flimsy? Also is there a cap on the pen or is the disc always exposed?

  6. @Andy – There is a kind of kneecap between of tiny sphere of the pen head and the disc; the disc is removable and may be bought separately. And yes, there is a screw cap.

  7. Ive been using the jot pro for nearly 9 months and I love the ease of use and added precision the clear disk allows. It’s not all that ergonomic and has no clip or flat side to prevent it from rolling off a desk but still quite nice compared the other stylus. The only flaw is that the cap screws on and doesn’t really ever tighten due to the aluminum material used. This allows for a cap that can, over time become loose. Plus the tip is a small ball attached to a finite area which is easily damaged if dropped. But, in the end one of the best stylus I’ve used to date. Picked mine up on amazon.com for $29.99.

  8. Awesome catch Patrick.. I swtiched from a ten one pogo stylus to one with a rubber end.. But this looks like it will get the accuracy of a ball point pen with its really thin head.

    Can’t wait for your review. It’d be great if you could get close ups of the tip please.

  9. I love the Jot. Best stylus I have used for my iPad. Definitely is a lifesaver when playing draw something.

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