Just What We’ve All Been Waiting for – an iPad Case That Costs More than Any iPad Model

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Dior Homme iPad case

Yes folks, if you’ve been anxiously awaiting an iPad case that costs more than even the 64GB iPad 3G, you don’t need to wait much longer. The menswear division of French fashion house Christian Dior plans to bring out a Dior Homme iPad case next January, with a price of $895. Here’s what’s great about it:

— There are two material options for it, ‘black tie leather’ and ‘classic coated canvas’. I’m assuming both have blocks of gold hidden within their covers, given the pricetag.

— It really doesn’t look much different to any number of run-of-mill iPad cases in its promo shots, so there’s not much risk of anyone wanting to steal it because of its amazing looks.

— Its’ due to come out in mid-January of 2011, just a few weeks before we expect to see the iPad 2 unveiled – which, if its size and layout varies even a little, may render this case useless for the next generation.

— Did I mention it costs more than any iPad model?

If you need to know more about the Dior Homme case, see this article at Born Rich:


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