Kensington Prepping Another Keyboard + Case Combo for iPad

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Kensington KeyFolio iPad case

It looks like the keyboard + case combo for the iPad is going to become quite a popular iPad accessory – as a growing number of vendors have either already launched or are planning entries in this space.  The latest one I’ve seen is the Kensington KeyFolio, shown above and due out in October. Here’s part of iLounge’s description of it:

… featuring a Bluetooth keyboard on one side and an iPad holder on the other, folding closed to become the equivalent of a slim, leather-covered laptop equivalent for users who need a better-than-iPad keyboard for their daily use of the tablet. This keyboard is made from reinforced rubber, with soft keys that nonetheless have the sort of tactility that users prefer when typing, plus some iPad-specific function keys up top.

For more detail on the Kensington KeyFolio check out iLounge’s article on it here:

When I first saw one of these keyboard + case combos I thought they looked quite promising. The more I think about it though, the more I think I prefer just having a good case and a Bluetooth keyboard.  What about you?  Does the keyboard + case combo look like something you need to have?

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6 thoughts on “Kensington Prepping Another Keyboard + Case Combo for iPad”

  1. The question is all about whether or not the additional weight of the keyboard and thicker case is worth it because you're getting into netbook territory if the keyboard and ipad top 2 pounds plus the case.

  2. I definitely want something like this but only once they get it completely right. I want the laptop style – but only when I want to type. At other times, I want my keyboardless iPad. What that means (I think anyway) is that the iPad side of the case should be easily removable. I envision two pieces that lock together.

    The Apple docking system sort of does that, but requires a desk to prop it up on. It also requires the iPad to be vertical. That's not what I want – I want something I can put on my lap in my comfy armchair at home (aka my "other office"). But then when I'm done with the e-mails and ready to watch TV, maybe doing a little surfing or reading, I can put the keyboard away.

    And the keyboard has to be good. The one on the Kensington sounds almost as frustrating as the screen keyboard. I won't be buying that.

    1. I 100% agree that there should be a way to remove the iPad side of the case. I always want an iPad case that allows me to hold and use the iPad easily – and as handy as this sort of combo may be when you want to do some heavy typing, it looks totally unusable for just general, mixed-purpose use of the device. For that reason, for now I'd far rather carry my iPad in a good 'working case' plus a BT keyboard in a Messenger bag.

      1. That's what I have for now too. The only problem is that using the BT keyboard in my comfy chair is kind of a pain – I've got to prop the iPad someplace and I don't have a handy way to do that. I might be able to jimmie up a solution at home (e.g. a reading stand) but what about airports, doctor's offices, etc? I really think that if somebody developed a laptop-style case with a detachable keyboard a lot of people would buy it (I know I would).

        1. Ah – I can understand that. Once I'm in a comfy chair, I'm not going to be doing any heavy amount of typing. I do think your idea is a very good one – though I have a feeling it may be a fair while before we see it well executed.

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