MagBak: World’s Thinnest iPad Mount, Kickstarter Project

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MagBak iPad mount

MagBak is touted on its Kickstarter project page as ‘the world’s thinnest iPad mount’. I don’t know whether or not anyone might argue with that claim, but I do know the MagBak looks very promising.

Some of its most impressive features include:

— Mounts the iPad to just about any metal surface without adding any substantial bulk to the iPad.

— Smart Cover snaps to back – the MagBak keeps the iPad Smart Cover held in place when folded over the back.

— Provides a bit of extra grip when holding / carrying the iPad and a little extra protection for the back of the iPad when it’s laying flat.

— Comes with a metal O-ring for mounting the iPad on non-metal surfaces.

— Nice range of six colors.

MagBak Backer

I can see a lot of good uses for the MagBak – from second screen type usage around a desk area or when watching TV to following along with a workout video or video recipes while in the kitchen and more.

The pledge levels to back the project and get a MagBack are also very attractively priced. I backed it at the top level of $39 to get a MagBak in a color of my choice and 2 O-rings. The Early Bird special deal is at $24 for a MagBak in any color and an O-ring.

You can see lots more detail including a demo video and back the project at the MagBak Kickstarter page.

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