Magnets in iPad Cases OK for Apple, Not for Others?

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Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2

Here’s something that doesn’t sound helpful for all of us who are waiting to see more third party iPad 2 cases that use the smart cover technology to connect via magnets with the iPad 2 and automatically sleep / wake the device. Despite the fact that their own heavily promoted Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is all about magnets, Apple’s own ‘Case Design Guidelines for Apple Devices’ document advises against the use of magnets.

Here’s the relevant section on this:

Magnetic Interference

Case designs for Apple devices should avoid the use of magnets (for example, as closure devices) and magnetic materials. Cases with parts made of any metal should be tested to verify that they do not affect an Apple device’s built-in magnetic compass, if any.

Besides their effect on a built-in magnetic compass, magnets in cases can affect other sensors and electronic components. Cases should not include magnets unless there is no other practical design solution and only if they do not affect the operation of the Apple device in any way.

So presumably Apple is confident that their own Smart Covers have been tested thoroughly enough and that they do not have any adverse effects on the operation of the built-in compass or anything else on the iPad 2. I’ve already seen a couple of third party cases that use the smart cover tech, and I’m still hoping to see more – but seeing Apple’s guidelines on this now gives me a little doubt about whether these are going to be 100% ‘safe’ to use. I wonder what some of the leading case manufacturers feel about these guidelines.

What do you all think? Are you interested in using third party case with smart cover tech and magnets?

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2 thoughts on “Magnets in iPad Cases OK for Apple, Not for Others?”

  1. I have a GREAT leather full protecion case for my iPad2 and the magnets cause HORRIBLE trouble with any Map app or, specifically, the GoSkyWatch (astronomy) app. I love the full front/back protection from this case, but must take it out to use any app that places calls to the compass. Very frustrating!!

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