Magnus – Magnetic Stand for the iPad 2

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If you’re a regular (or even semi-regular) reader here then you know I’m rather fond of iPad stands. Rather fond in the same sort of way that dogs are rather fond of bones. Yup, I’m a big fan of iPad stands. I’ve currently got four on or around my desk.

So when TUAW’s Mike Schramm mentioned a handsome new stand from Ten One Design that they’d spotted at CES, it caught my eye straight away. This new stand for the iPad 2 is called the Magnus. Two things about it are very appealing right off the bat:

— It uses a strong magnetic link to hold the iPad 2 in portrait or landscape mode. Maybe my affection for the iPad 2 Smart Cover is getting the best of me, but I just love this idea. 

— It has a beautiful, minimal appearance – giving a sort of ‘Look Ma, no hands’ look to the iPad 2 and stand.

Here’s more detail on the design of the Magnus:

Magnus is first machine-crafted from pure aluminum and then hand-finished using the latest manufacturing techniques. After that, customized magnets are installed into the base, and rubberized feet are fitted to the bottom surface.

Our designers targeted a reduced silhouette. Viewed from the side, you see only the iPad’s tilt, and a flat plate on the desk. From there, the engineering took over.
Magnus may look like it’s defying gravity, but it feels like a permanent attachment. You may need two hands to separate Magnus from your iPad.

A Magnus will soon be doing its magnetic magic on my desk. They go for $49.95.If you want to see more info on this stand or place an order, check out its product page here:

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9 thoughts on “Magnus – Magnetic Stand for the iPad 2”

  1. This stand was shown on iPad today where they were live at CES. You can only use this stand where the magnets are in landscape position. They even suggested not to use in portrait mode cause there are no magnets and there is a good chance of it falling. Jut a heads up….

    1. That seems very odd – their product page for this stand shows it in portrait mode in several of its featured photos. I’ll look into this further now.

  2. I saw that to. Go to Twit and check out iPad today. Fast forward to them at this booth and the guy doing the demonstration says not a good idea in portrait mode. I was disappointed to.

    1. Thanks – just watched that. I’m really hoping the guy at the booth is wrong, though I doubt it. If he’s correct then their product page for this stand is very misleading.

  3. It makes sense. The magnets are only on the side where the smart cover attaches to the iPad. I don’t think there placed anywhere else. Maybe I’m wrong but thats probably why he suggested no portrait. It will stand up perfectly on the stand but it won’t be secure like it is in landscape. Honestly, I think it’s really nice looking and I would of ordered one already, but that turned me off. I love checking out all the stands and I love the smart cover. I have iPad 2 since day one and there is not a scratch on the back of it. I am very careful how I place it down. Sorry to bring you bad news but I only know what I saw.

  4. Look closer at that image and you will see that the 30pin connector and home button are visible on the right side of the iPad meaning that the iPad is in landscape mode not portrait. It’s simply a perspective issue of this image, however Magnus could make this limitation more clear IMO.

  5. I am assuming that you looked closer at the ‘misleading’ picture from their product page, and noticed that the Home button and charge slot are right there on the leading edge?

    So the angle of the photo only appeared to be in portrait mode.
    Perspective angles in art and photos can make things look shorter or longer.

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