Marware’s iPad Mini Cases

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Marware iPad Mini Cases

Even before the iPad Mini was officially announced by Apple there were already third party accessory vendors touting their wares for the new smaller iPad. So it’s not surprise at all to see that in the three days since the iPad Mini was unveiled, there are already quite a number of accessory manufacturers hyping their new accessories for it.

I’ve been receiving plenty of promo emails about iPad Mini cases and accessories since before the unveiling and the volume of them has of course increased this week. I’ll be sharing some of the more attractive and interesting ones here as and when I get a chance to look at them. Today I took a glance at the range of iPad Mini cases from one of my old favorite vendors, Marware – makers of the popular and versatile C.E.O. Hybrid case for iPad.

Marware have got five iPad Mini cases available already, with prices ranging from $29.99 to $54.99 -along with some other accessories including a screen protector kit and a stylus. I’m glad to see there’s a C.E.O. Hybrid for the iPad Mini, available in 5 colors, which is priced at $42.99. It’s currently listed as ‘temporarily back-ordered’. I called Marware customer service, who are always very helpful and easy to get through to and they say these should be shipping by the end of the first week or early in the second week of November.

I’ve ordered a C.E.O. Hybrid,as I’ve always been impressed with them on a number of my iPads – my daughter still uses one on her hand-me down original iPad.

You can see more details on Marware’s iPad Mini accessories and place an order at their iPad Mini page.

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