Mobile Cloth Latest: Z5 ‘Colorized’

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Mobile Cloth Z5

Mobile Cloth, my long-time favorite cleaning cloth for my iPads and all my touchscreen devices, has just released a new version – the Z5, described as ‘newly refined and colorized’.

Here’s a little more of the description for the new Z5 line and a reminder on what makes Mobile Cloth different:

2014 is about refinement for Mobile Cloth. A new rounded edged continuous stitch technique and regal colors make the most effective touchscreen cleaning cloth, the most elegantly designed as well. The “Z5” has all of the properties that makes the “Classic”  and  “nano” so effective but in a more refined design that understatedly brings good taste to the daily ritual of caring for one’s iPad and Tablet display. The Z5 contains the original MOBiLE CLOTH formula made of split micro fibers 100 times thinner than a human hair! The special split micro material found in MOBiLE CLOTH was ”both laboratory and clinically tested and proven to remove up to 98 percent of bacteria and 93 percent of viruses from a surface using only water (no chemicals)” 1 According to this study MC is an effective way to keep all touchscreen devices clean and germ free.

I’m no expert on micro fibers, in fact I’m pretty clueless about them – but I do know that Mobile Cloth has always done a far better job at cleaning my device screens than any other cleaning cloth. It’s one of my most-used iPad accessories.

You can see more details and place an order for the Z5 at this Mobile Cloth products page – the 5 pack is priced at $17.95.

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