Mophie Launches Workbook Case for iPad

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Mophieworkbookforipad   Mophieworkbook

Mophie – the award-winning creators of ‘mobile intelligent devices and accessories’ – have released their first iPad case this week. The mophie workbook iPad is described thusly by Mophie:

The workbook is a stylish, protective, fully adjustable folio for your iPad. It prevents damage from bangs, bumps and drops that seem to happen, no matter how careful you try to be. Plus, its super light-weight, ultra-thin and has a low-profile design that is adjustable and secure at any viewing angle for watching, typing or browsing.


And here’s more detail on it, straight from Mophie’s press announcement:

Protective Case

The workbook is a light-weight, form-fitting iPad case offering complete protection from front to back. Sleek folio design offers thin profile and easy carrying.

Infinite Viewing Angles

The workbook Provides an infinite number of angles for comfortable typing or screen viewing, improving the overall functionality of the iPad.

Pass-through Design

Enables full access to all ports and controls. Simultaneously charge and sync your iPad without having to remove it from the workbook.

Animal-friendly Exterior
Faux leather exterior is easy to clean but durable to the elements and the plush interior ensures your iPad has unmatched protection.

The workbook for iPad goes for $59.95 and can be purchased at and also at Amazon. It comes in five color combos: black/black, white/grey, orange/black, chocolate/cyan, and cement/yellow.

When it think of Mophie, I think of their iPhone charger cases. All positive thoughts – as I own one and it has been a superb tool for multiple iPhones in our household. This first iPad accessory looks like a good one.

I like the range of colors for the case and I’ll definitely be trying to get hold of a review unit. I’m tempted to try out the white/grey even though I know that will be easy to see dirt on.

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3 thoughts on “Mophie Launches Workbook Case for iPad”

  1. Mophie's products might be ok, however, they have POOR customer service. Avoid their site and their shipping department. If you must buy their stuff order it from somewhere else or buy it in a store.

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