More iPad Case Reviews Coming – I’m Finding The iPad Needs More Than One Case

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    Vaja iPad case

Just a quick post to say I’ve got a handful of iPad case reviews coming up soon.  I’ve been testing out the Convertible Book Jacket and a grip case from Incase, the Ultimate Sleeve from Waterfield Designs, and the Elan Passport from Griffin.  Oh, and I just received the little beauty shown above from Vaja yesterday.

What I’m rapidly discovering is that the iPad really needs more than one case.  Unless you like using it ‘naked’ (which I’m sure many do) it needs a sort of everyday, round-the-house case; and it needs an ‘out and about’ or getting from A to B type case as well. So far I haven’t seen or tried one that seems capable of being ideal for both purposes, though a few I’m looking at come close.

Anyway – reviews coming soon.  How are you all doing in your iPad case hunting?  Found your favorite yet?

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17 thoughts on “More iPad Case Reviews Coming – I’m Finding The iPad Needs More Than One Case”

  1. I am very frustrated at the coat of these things! Using mine naked and living in fear.

  2. Generally agree that different cases have very different usage cases. I use mine naked but for a gelaskin around the house, and use a water field padded sleeve in my go bag.

    But i could see wanting something a little more substantial around the house, like the Vaja. But then it wouldnt fit so nicely in the water field sleeve, if at all. So you'd wind up having to put it on and take it off each time. Hmmm…

    1. You're right. It fits in the Waterfield UltImate Sleeve case, but just barely and not comfortably. Not well enough that you could really do it that way.

  3. I'm using an Incase neoprene slipcase that I bought at the Apple store when I got my iPad. Within a week, the stitching started coming out, so I'm now looking for another. Still leaning toward a slipcase as I like using the iPad au natural. Looking toward the new leather envelope case coming from Targus.

  4. That Vaja is $150. LOL. I don't think so.

    Got the Eco-Vue case on the way, and the "man-purse" STM Micro Extra Small iPad case for toting around.

  5. For those of you who think "naked" is going to be plenty safe for the iPad because its got a metal backing… think again:

    Now, I'm more of a "naked" iPhone/iPad person, but consider this as making a case for buying a case! When I discovered how easy it was to scratch the iPad… I ordered a set of BodyGuardz the same day. (Review coming – as in they aren't even here yet!)

      1. Don't know when that will be – but absolutely. Its honestly not that hard of a task to do, but if you haven't done it before or you're not comfortable with doing it, it can seem a bit daunting.

  6. There are many good iPad cases around but to pick the best is very subjective. Sometimes it comes down to the user's preference.

    Keep the reviews coming! Love it.

  7. We had the same lust for this Vaja case. Here is a version of it in blue and white:

    Click on any of the images for a larger version.

    We noticed a slight dimpling of the leather around the logo, giving a slightly less fitted look. We think this may be due to the thicker padding. The leather may relax over time and the shadow will smooth out. We shall see.

  8. After reading so many reviews of iPad cases, I walked into the Apple store in Manhattan and the Flagship manager recommended Nizmo's the case that he uses for his personal use. He showed me his Nizmo's genuine leather case. It was very stylish and the most functional case that I have seen. Funny thing is that they are not sold in the Apple stores. I don't think you can get a better endorsement than that. I ordered the Nizmo's genuine leather Angle case in black with white stitching. When I received it, I was very impressed. After buy 3 cases before this one, I won't be needing any other case. I would love to see a review for this case.

  9. I bought the new iPad 2 recently and apple only had the smart cover. No cases just a cover! If you drop your iPad you’re sure to break or scratch it if you’re only using a thin cover which only covers the glass and not the back. Then I saw that Nizmo’s just came out with a new case for the iPad 2.
    I picked up the new Nizmo’s Angle/2 iPad leather case and it’s even better than the first one. Slimmer, lighter, very protective and looks great and even has the sleep mode feature when you close the cover. If you’re looking for a great case for your new iPad 2, this is it!

  10. Patrick,

    Read your post about needing more than one ipad case. Well, I have just the product for you. A case that allows you use both at home and on the go, and with a func-y (functional) distinctive style. We will be launching our website very soon. I will definitely send you the info when it’s up and running.

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